Total Pandamonium

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The Total Drama contestants have to go through all kind of very hard thinkg just to survive on this island because they are realy not very used to this lifestyle, to this bad conditions, but slowly they have to understand that this is the way they are living for a while if they want to win the big Total drama prize. But everything is hard on this island, not just the tasks they get from the host of the show but even going to the bathroom for example. In thi game DJ realy has to go to the bathroom but unfortunately it’s very far away from him so he has to run all the way over to it because he just can’t hold it in any more. But the animals in the jungle are bad, evil in fact, even if they realy look like cuties, you can’t be fooled by their appearance because they are here to make the contestants in the Total Drama contest lifes even harder and more difficult. Pandas and all kind of other cute animals are jumping on DJ are trying to stop him from going to the toilet so DJ’s last hope are you kids, you have to use your mouse to drag away all the animals that jump on Dj and when they are too many and you can’t swipe them away anymore, you just use the spacebar, to whatever it takes to take Dj to the bathroom.Good luck!

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How to play

Use your MOUSE to swipe away the animals and SPACEBAR to get ridd of all of them.