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Play Total Drama games online on and try to reach the highest level, literally and figuratively! This time the category that we have decided to offer to you is with the characters from the Cartoon show Total Drama. In this new category you will have games from Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. As always let's read a little abot the story and the character from the serie and after that you are invited to play all the games that we have for you.

What are Total Drama Games?

A very exciting new series of Total Drama games are ready to appear right here on our website. You dear kids can see that this is going to be a new Cartoon Network story that appears on our website, which will bring with it a bunch of new Total Drama games online that you can play for free! Each and every one of the titles that you see in this new category will be free to play online, and you are just one click away to try them out.

Of course, to have the best experience while you are playing the Total Drama games you need to know the entire story, know all the characters, and see which are the types of games that are waiting for you to play for free. You will see that these new Total Drama games that we are posting are going to be available for you to try on your phones and tablets for free! All you need is an internet connection, a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer or a laptop and a link to your favorite Total Drama game and you are all set.

This new series first appeared in Canada, being a Canadian animated TV series that was published in 2007, and after just one year on the air, Total Drama was released in the US as well, on Cartoon Network. The cartoon series is just like a reality show, based on the lives and the experiences of the members, being very close and very often mistaken for Survivor. This is just a short description of the Total Drama games and the series from Cartoon Network, and we are going to continue to bring for you guys exciting stories, episodes, and adventures that you can meet with and play for free in the Total Drama games.

Understand the Drama

Our Total Drama games are going to be very interesting to play, because they are going to be based on the series with the same name from Cartoon Network! This is a series which is based on the lives of a few teenagers, boys and girls that are going to be inside a live TV show, and they are fighting each and every day to not get banned from the contest, and that they can have a new day in the contest and a new opportunity to win the grand prize of 100.000$.

The teenagers are all going to live together on an island specially designed for this contest. There will be two barracks in which they will live, one for the boys, one for the girls, and they will start to form different teams and alliances once the contest is started. Inside the contest, the rules of the game changes every day, because each day, there's going to be a new challenge that the contestants have to go through in order to have immunity from elimination. They can win points, or just the contest they are playing in during the day, and that will help their rank inside the show.

The teenagers have to fight very hard throughout the entire year, because this is a long contest, and there are going to be many fights against each other and even love stories! You just have to stay tuned and watch for new Total Drama games and see which are the latest news from the Total Drama island! Next, we can tell you which are some of the original characters that you are going to meet with inside the Total Drama games, and learn more about them and their stay on the island during the contest.

The ones who create the drama

Chris McLean is the host of the show, and he is going to appear in each and every one of the Total Drama games and of course the episodes of the series. The Cartoon Network character is going to always wear green cargo pants, a green shirt, and a white undershirt. He has a short beard and black medium long hair, and will host the ceremonies on the island.

Heather is one of the cute girls of the show with Courtney. They will always try to look good, even though during the day, there's going to be a lot of rain, courses in the mud and other grouse tracks. LeShawna, Blaineley, Bridgette and Izzy are some of the other girls in the show that are waiting for you guys to play plenty of Total Drama games, and we are sure that you will see how they will bring for you guys a lot of exciting dress-up games and makeover challenges for you to play with all of your friends.

The girl Total Drama games are going to be very exciting, because you can see that you can play them on your mobile phones and tablets as well as your computers or laptops, and inside the girly games, you will see how many interesting fashion outfits you can try out for the girls and even for some of the boys Total Drama characters. Once you get started, you will see that the girls will be very mean too each other, and everything's going to be inside the Total Drama games from our website.

Like the girls, the boys Total Drama have a short description! Alejandro Burromuerto is one of them, he is a jock style character, and he is going to always have a shirt and a tank top on. Duncan is one of the most popular of the boys characters, because he is always trying to make the girls fall in love with him, and so he can get small advantages through the show and last as long as possible, so that he can have a bigger shot of winning the prize. Cody and Trent are the last original Total Drama characters, and they will also be very important for the plot.

Where can we watch Total Drama?

The series is on Cartoon Network.

Is Total Drama real?

No, it's a cartoon TV show, based on a real TV show.

What's the prize of the show?

The prize is 100.000$.

Is Total Drama games free?

Yes, Total Drama games are free to play online.

Is Total Drama on Netflix?

Yes, Total Drama series is on Netflix.

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