Freezer Burn

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On the Total Drama island things are always changing, one day is never like the other and the contestants are facing realy serious troubles because some of them, the best, of course, are on this island for even as long as a year and that’s not very easy, especially in the winter time, because not of them are used to the winter, the very cold winter. Alejandro is definitely one of those contestants that are not very good in adapting to the situation, he isn’t paying enough attention to the world around him because he is just to focused on his own looks, he just loves himself and that can get him into trouble now and them. In this Total Drama game winter is here and Alejandro is just admireing himself in his hand mirror, as usual, and he isn’t paying attention at all to the fact that is winter and he is on a side of the Total Drama island where wild animals live. So while he was admireying himself a bird stealed his man purse and took it far away, but Alejandro can’t live without his purse and you kids just have to help him to find it. It won’t be easy because you have to help him jump from one piece of ice to another, don’t fall into the frozen water, don’t go close to predators and don’t stay too long on an ice platform because it can melt. Good luck!

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