Krappy Karts

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Play free Krappy Karts - Total Drama Games

As you should know kids, the contestants in the Total Drama television show have to do all kind of missions and tasks, that are usually fun but also very hard to complete, and at the end of every week perhaps somebody it dismissed , because until the end there is only going to be only one contestant which can declar itself the winer of the Total Drama contest. But that isn’t going to be easy, as we said, they have yo complete all kind of tasks and in this particular Total Drama game their mission is about karting, like that mini-cars you can race with. The problems are that they have to drive, well, you kids have to drive, this little cars named karts on the street, well on the highway, and that’s not easy att all because the kart are smaller than normal cars and, in adition, the highway is in renovations so there are all kind of restricted areas, full of orange police cons and huge holes in the middle of the highway, obstacols you have to try to avoid or you will destroy the car. So your job kids is to take the car to the finish line, but in one piece, so avoid demaging it, and of course, you also have to know that this game is on time, so be carefoul and try to hurry up, obstacles slow you down. Good luck!

How to play

Use your ARROW KEYS to drive the car.