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"Duck Life Space" transports you into a thrilling new chapter of the beloved Duck Life series, now set in the vast and mysterious realm of outer space. Known for its engaging platform-adventure gameplay, this installment introduces exciting challenges and opportunities for your adventurous ducks. In this game called "Duck Life Space", a strange duck emerges from a wormhole and steals your hard-earned racing champion title. 

To reclaim your honor, you must participate in exhilarating space races. Before diving into competition, take advantage of the training mode to familiarize yourself with the cosmic tracks and hone your racing skills. Additionally, visit the shop where you can purchase new skins, upgrades, and bonuses to enhance your duck's performance and customize its appearance. 

Use the arrow keys to maneuver your duck through obstacles, utilize the mouse to navigate menus and make purchases, and press the spacebar to jump over barriers. Space races are fraught with challenges such as traps and hazards that demand quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome. Along the way, collect valuable items to boost your abilities and rescue stranded ducks to earn rewards. 

Accumulating coins during races is vital as they allow you to buy enhancements that improve your racing prowess. Strengthening your duck with upgrades not only helps you outpace competitors but also ensures your readiness for increasingly difficult racecourses. Before embarking on each race, take time to personalize your duck's avatar and choose a name that reflects its unique identity. 

Once you're geared up and confident, launch into the thrilling races to prove your skills and reclaim your champion status. Invite your friends to join the adventure in "Duck Life Space" and compete for top honors in this cosmic challenge. Explore new worlds, overcome obstacles, and experience the excitement of intergalactic racing as you guide your duck to victory! Prepare for an unforgettable journey into space where every race brings new surprises and opportunities for greatness.

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How to play

Use the arrows, spacebar, mouse.