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Play free Robots Russian - Transformers Games

Welcome to "Robots Russian", an exciting new addition to the world of Transformers-inspired games available for play online. This unique open-world game blends action, adventure, and transformation with a Russian twist. Explore vast cities, combat evil robots, and transform into various vehicles in this thrilling game. Here’s a guide to get you started on your mission to save Russian cities from malevolent forces!

Navigate the game world using the WASD keys to move or drive. Use the spacebar to jump and shift to run faster. Transform between robot and vehicle modes using the Q key. Vehicles include cars, helicopters, and even tanks. Engage in combat using the mouse to attack. Launch powerful missiles with the R key to take down formidable foes. Keep an eye on your health bar, as running out of health means game over.

Explore expansive Russian cities, each teeming with missions and challenges. The game world is filled with opportunities for adventure and heroism, from bustling urban centers to remote industrial areas. Take on a variety of missions scattered throughout the cities. Missions include fighting alien forces, battling evil robots, and protecting innocent civilians. 

Completing these missions earns you coins and unlocks new robots, adding diversity to your transformations. Unlock a wide range of robots, each with unique transformation abilities. Transform into different vehicles to blend in with the environment or to gain an advantage in battle. Use the coins earned from missions to upgrade your robots, making them stronger and more capable of handling tougher challenges. 

Embark on your journey with "Robots Russian" today. Become the hero who saves Russian cities from chaos and destruction. Transform, battle, and explore in this exciting open-world game. Dive in now and experience the action-packed adventure that awaits you! Keep checking back for more thrilling games and updates. Enjoy your time with "Robots Russian" and look forward to even more amazing adventures coming your way!

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How to play

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, Q, and R.