Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania

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Play free Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania - Girl Games

We have a new challenge for you dear kids, a brand new game which you can check out right here on our site, Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania which sounds like something you could really help with. we know how good you are when it comes to fashion and everything related to it so we really hope you will also be curious about this brand new Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania inw hich your new friend really needs your help. 

You are going to meet a lovely girl and you will see right in the beginning of the Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania game that she gets rejected for prom which is really bad for her self esteem, but she is sure you can help her out with that. You may already know that for a lot of high school students, popularity is important because they want to fit in, and that is exactly what your new friend in this game, Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania, wants to do. 

She wants to look amazing at her prom, even though her crush doesn;t want to accompany her, and she is sure you can really help her with that. All you need to do in tis brand new Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania is of course to give her a makeover and that means there are several really fun levels waiting for you in this cute Nerd to Popular Makeover Mania game. 

You get to do a spa level for some fun skin care which is always neccesary and of course you can help her with her hair too. You get to do her hairstyle, make up and of course you need to dress up this beautiful girl for her prom. There are a lot of fun options to choose from, you just need to look through all of them and make sure she loves her new outfit for prom. Good luck!

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