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What are Spa Games?

Find a spa you like, and help the girls have back treatments, and facial skin washes! Create amazing massages for the girls who want to relax - new Spa games & challenges will be ready every day!

We want all the kids on our website to have a lot of fun, so today, dear kids, you can see that we are bringing a brand new category, called Spa games! You, dear children, can see that this is a new category, especially for girls, in which you will be helping all kinds of girl characters from your favorite stories or cartoons to go to the spa, and have different types of facial treatments, body treatments, skin treatments and, why not, even massages. You, dear children, will have to make sure that, by the end of each challenge, you will manage to help the character relax, look better, and have softer skin - after this, they'll want to go to the spa more and more!

You will see through each and every one of the girly Spa games from our website that you will have the most exciting experiences. The Spa games from our website are going to be very easy to play because, dear children, you will see that all of them will have the same type of controls. You can see that if you are playing on the computer or on the laptop, you, dear kids, will have to use the MOUSE as the main control. Inside the challenges, you can see that, using the MOUSE, you will have to right-click on it and see how you can do different stuff and even trigger different actions throughout the games.

When playing on your mobile phones or on your tablets, you will see that the principle will be the same, and just tapping with your fingers on the screen, you will be able to trigger different actions or start picking up objects that you will use while the girls are going to be at the spa. We are sure that you are already very curious about how it is at the spa, so you will see that there are going to be different treatments that you can take, and they will be separate so that you can go to the right type of spa for the needs of your characters. You will have a great time because most of the girls that you are going to play with are amazing characters that you love based on the stories that you all know and watch on TV or at the movies.

Which are some of the girls, you ask? There's no doubt you will love each and every one of them because the characters you will help in the Spa games category will be some of the cutest and the most precious girls! You are going to meet, through our spa challenges, with cute Disney princesses. From Moana, Elena of Avalor, or Rapunzel, to the Frozen sisters, Cinderella, Snow White, or Jasmine, they are all going to be present in the Spa games because they love to go and have skin care treatments all over their body. You will see that these are not going to be the only girls that you are going to meet with, because besides the Disney characters, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, or Khloe Kardashian are also going to be present. Barbie is also a very important character that is going to be inside this new category - Spa games online - along with Dora, while a lot of teenage kawaii girls, Rihanna, and even babies will also need your help!

Girls at the spa

All the girls that are going to be present as the main characters in the Spa games from our website are going to be cute, and you will see that they will have different problems that you can help solve before the end of each challenge. The girls will prepare different types of games for you, and you can find them quickly through their titles. You can see that some of the most popular categories or types of spa challenges are going to be the back treatment games, facial skin treatment games, and there will also be a lot of bath care games for babies, in which you can see that the baby characters from the challenges are going to need your help to get ready. Inside the Spa games online, you will have a great time going through the challenges using the MOUSE, and you, dear girls, will see how you can create cute little treatments and creams that you can use through these awesome games for girls.

You, dear kids, will be in charge of everything that is going to take place in the spa salon, and you will see that there will be different girly decoration challenges for kids, in which you can create a fresh spa salon from scratch. You will use the MOUSE, and go through each room of the salon and start to decorate it one by one, in the most beautiful way possible, and you will have a great time owning some of the cutest spa salons, in which girls like Audrey, Jasmine, Ellie, or Barbie will enter to take care of their skin.

When you will enter a skin treatment game, you will see that it's going to be a fully different game, because, dear girls, you will have to start by making sure that you can create a cream or treatment. Using the MOUSE, you will see that there are going to be different ingredients that you can use to create a skin treatment. Ingredients like lemon slices, orange juice, lavender, cucumbers, or garlic will all be used in the spa treatments, so you have to prepare them using the MOUSE and see how you can defeat the challenge in the shortest time, creating plenty of treatments and creams that you can use for different purposes. At the end of the challenges, you will see that, by using the MOUSE, you will always have to go to the next step, which will be skin preparation.

Also using the MOUSE, you will see that you have to prepare the skin for the treatment. This is going to apply for all types of games & challenges because you have to clean the skin before you apply the medicine or the treatments. Once you start, you will see that you have to use water, soap, and sanitizer to have skin cleaned, and next, using the creme, treatments, or medicine that you created yourself, you will have to apply them and start to fill up the face, the hands or the back, where the problems will occur. Once the treatments are all done, after the girls will stay with the creams on for different amounts of time, based on the issues that you are trying to fix with the treatments, you will have to remove them and do some different actions, because you will have to remove the pimples or the impurities that were left. The second round of skin washing is going to take place, and you will see, at the next step, if you finished and if it was successful.

Pets at the Spa

We are not stopping here! Inside the Spa games online category, you are also going to have a great time playing cute little games with animals, and you will see that there are going to be a whole bunch of cute challenges inside this category, in which puppies or little kittens are going to be the main characters. All pet owners will love to take really good care of their animals, so you will see that, after they play outside and they get all dirty and messy, you will be the ones that they want to get their pets cleaned and very well taken care of.

The pet Spa games online are also going to have a different theme, and you will have to be sure that, in the shortest time, you can defeat the challenges by using all the tools and see how much fun you can have washing the animals, cleaning them, feeding them, and making them look as cute as possible. You will have to be very careful, because each game will have a different story, and you have to help them! Inside the challenges, there's going to be a cute puppy or a different type of animal, which you'll have to take care of: heal their wounds, if they have some, and after that, of course, you have to start cleaning the cats, dogs, giraffes, or even baby lions.

All the animals will need the same type of treatment. Use the MOUSE or tap with your finger on the screen, when you have to pick up a hose, a showerhead, the shampoo, the soap, or even the creams because you will see that there will be animals with short hair that need suncream applied in order for their skin to not get burned by the sun. You will see that the little animals will also have some illnesses or injuries that you have to take care of, so you will almost feel like doctors! You have to be sure that you can place the right cream or medicine on the injuries so that they can heal fast. Have fun!

Are Spa games ready to play online?

Yes, spa games for girls can be played online on your phones and tablets

Are Spa games only for girls?

No, both boys and girls can play the games.

Which characters can be inside the Spa games online?

You can find a lot of Disney princesses, Barbie dolls, and other girly characters.

Are there spas only for girls and boys?

No, you will see that messy animals can go to the spa as well.

Which are the most popular Spa games?

Skin treatment games.

The games from Spa category was voted by 1242 times and have 4.92 stars.