Blonde Sofia Drastic Makeover

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In this game called "Blonde Sofia Drastic Makeover", Blonde Sofia was feeling a little bored with her look. She had tried something different for Halloween and turned herself into a goth girl, like Harley Quinn. But now, she wanted to go back to her usual self, with her bright blonde hair and cheerful style. That's where you come in!

Sofia knows that you've helped her with styling before, so she's asking for your help again. She trusts your skills and wants you to assist her in giving herself a drastic makeover. It's going to be so much fun! First things first, Sofia needs to change her hair back to its original blonde color. You get to pick from different hairstyles to find the perfect one for her. 

Once her hair is sorted, it's time to remove all that goth makeup. With a gentle touch, you'll clean Sofia's face and reveal her natural beauty underneath. Next up, Sofia's eyebrows might need a little fixing after her goth transformation. You'll use tweezers to shape them back to their usual cheerful state. Then, it's time to take off any goth-inspired jewelry, piercings, or face tats Sofia might have added.

Once Sofia's face is clean and fresh, it's time to apply makeup. You'll use regular shades and shapes to enhance her features and bring out her natural glow. And of course, no makeover is complete without a fabulous outfit! You'll help Sofia pick out clothes, hairstyles, jewelry, purses, hats, and shoes to match her cheerful style.

After all that, Sofia will be back to her usual self, thanks to your amazing styling skills! She'll be so happy with her new look, and she couldn't have done it without you. Now, it's time to show off her new style and have some fun together! So, are you ready to help Sofia with her drastic makeover? Let's get started and make her look amazing!

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Use the mouse.