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What are Fairy Games?

This new category is dedicated to Fairies, some of the most beautiful supernatural creatures. Fairies are know for their kindness and true heart, aldo there are evil fairies too.

Fairy games are the perfect choice for all the beautiful girls who love magic and pretty fairies, like Tinker Bell and the Winx girls. This new category offers you a very great experience along your favorite fairies and you can enjoy all the fairy games online and for free, here on this games-kids.com page. A lot of amazing fairy games are waiting for you with the most beautiful supernatural creatures. These fairies are usually known for their kindness and true heart, but you will meet some evil fairies as well in these various games! Now let’s get into it and find out more about fairies and the games that you will find on here.

What are Fairy games?

Fairy games are something that you should definitely include in your playtime, as they are some amazing games, and as you can see, we have a ton of fairy games online on here, that you can find here in this category. We gathered you all the greatest fairy with that are the best on the internet, so that you can have a joyful playtime each time your try out one of the fairy games. You surely know a lot of popular fairies in the world of magic that you may find here between these fairy games.

What are Fairies and what do they look like?

The most well-known fairy is Tinker Bell in my opinion and her story leads us back into 1904, which was a long time ago, but as you can see, fairies were present in those times as well. Long time ago, fairies were believed to be vindictive, powerful and cruel, but from these amazing games and animated movies, you know the fairies as some really nice and kind creatures and also very beautiful. Of course, there are always some cruel fairies, just like humans that want to get in your way but the positive, good fairies will always win! Fairies have taken different appearances in different legends. Fairies have been pictured as human-like in appearance with some amazing magical powers. These magical powers allowed the fairies to transform from their small size to human size. They were portrayed as short in stature, dressed in dark grey and sometimes seen in armor as well. But maybe the most common looks of the fairies are the ones that have wings and some pointy elf-like ears or of course, the fairies that are looking like some pretty princesses and these are the ones that you will meet in most of the games!

Are Fairies real?

Well, there are a lot of theories about the fairies’ existence! This is a very interesting topic that might make some of you very curious. Well, if you want to find out some interesting things about fairies, then you can learn more about them here, so that you will be able to have more fun with the fairy games. Fairies were believed to exist many centuries ago as much of the world was still unexplored. In these days, the belief in fairies still exists, but there is no concrete proof for or against the existence of fairies. So, you can decide for yourself whether you believe in them or not.

Games with Fairies

Here, in this Fairy games category, you will be able to find tons of amazing fairy games for free and online of course, just like any other game on this games-kids.com page. You can be sure that you will find your new favorite game between these fairy games, as they are so fun and just simply amazing to play! Well, the most popular of all the games in this fairy games category, is the dress up fairy games, as many girls really love fashion fairy games, makeup fairy games, hairstyle fairy games. This is not a surprise, because all the fairies love to be beautiful, so you have to make sure that they stay pretty, as they should and if they want to have a makeover, you will be there to help them! Skincare is also very important for the fairies, so you will find skincare fairy games as well, where you will have to apply all kinds of serums, cremes and many other things to make their faces pretty, healthy, shiny again. Fairies also need a partner to have by their side, so some of them might one to get in touch with another good-looking fairy boy that will treat her like a fairy princess, as he should! You will have kissing, flirting, wedding games so that they can develop their relationship and grow old together in the magical fairy world!

If you love being creative and to use your fantasy, then you will love the fairy creating games, where you can literally create your own fairy and you can decide what look you want her or him to have. Of course, you will dress up the fairies, choose a hairstyle and many other things. Sometimes, accidents happen with fairies as well, but the good thing is that you can help them as you will become a doctor, surgeon, dentist, or anything you have to, in order to help them to get better and continue to live their life with their friends, family and lovers.

Of course, you will find in this fairy games category, a lot of puzzle fairy games as well. All kinds of puzzle, logic fairy games will be in this category that you can enjoy in your playtime if you want to play in a creative mode and you want to use maybe some logical skills if needed. You can find many drawing fairy games and coloring, painting fairy games, where you can live your artist life! Moreover, you can find spot the difference fairy games where you have to find the differences between pictures of beautiful fairies.

As you can see, many interesting and amazing fairy games are waiting for you in this fairy games category. Now that you have found out a lot of things about fairies and about the games with fairies, you can start to try them out as well and enjoy some great time with your favorite, magical characters!

Are fairies real?

Fairies are mythical and magical creatures that are not proven to be real.

Are there any fairy series?

Tinkerbell and Witch Saga are the most popular fairy stories.

Is Thinkerbell a fairy?

Yes, she is an earth fairy.

Are fairy games free?

Yes, the fairy games on games-kids.com are free to play on phones, computers or tablets.

Which is the most powerful known fairy?

Some say that Bloom from the Witch Saga is the most powerfull.

Which is the cutest fairy?

Some say that Thinkerbell is the cutest fairy.

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