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This time we have for you one of those categories, a category that is dedicated to the animated serie which is known as Rainbow Magic.

Get ready because we have for you another new category. Daily we are trying to get you some of the best online categories of games and we sure hope that we succeed. This time the new category that we have decided to offer to you next is one from our new lists of categories. We are always creating list of categories to offer to you and make those categories in the shortest time possible because we are only finding the best cartoons and stories and of course the best characters for you to play with so you can never get bored with your friends here on our site.

Once we are clear, we move further, search for even more new and amazing categories of games and offer you other new and fun categories. This time we have for you one of those categories, a category that is dedicated to the animated serie which is known as Rainbow Magic. Here, in this new category we would like to offer you all the existing online games and to see you play them all.

Follow the magic rainbow

Because we like to keep our traditions and make you have a more intense experience playing the games, we would like you to read a few details about the story of this series and the characters because we think that if you know the characters, their stories, their personalities, maybe their hobbies, then you will also be more curious to play the games because this way you can make new friends.

Are you eager to play the games? Well of course you are, but first come and read the instructions and get to know the characters even better and that is a clear way for you to enjoy the games we have to offer even more. The story of this series is revolving around a number of Rainbow Fairies and their adventures. The main characters are Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker. Kirsty is a little nervouse when she needs to fly, but whenever she is in a hard situation that requires action she forget s about her fears and fly without fear. She is in love with mysteries and solving them, and she is also very good at solving puzzles . She is the clever one and a loyal friends, always ready for some new fun adventures.

She is the daughter of Mr Walker and Mrs Walker and now we are going to talk a little about her appearance, so that you can immediately recognize her in the games. Kirsty has dark brown or black hair that changed lengths over the years, like for everybody else, her hair grows, with it being cut shorter in a bob in the earlier series, in comparison to it usually being medium-length the rest of the time. Sometimes her hair is shown to be in a ponytail or pigtails, so she loves wearing her hair in different ways. In the movie, her hair colour is black and is worn loose just past the shoulders. The colour of her eyes is unknown but in the movie, they are blue.

Rachel loves to fly and she has a lot of speed. Her favorite races are those with the dragonflies. She loves mechanics, she can fix a lot of mechanism along with bikes and so on. Her tales comes handy in their adventures . She is very friendly and creative, always there for Kristy. Rachel has long, curly golden, blonde hair with a wavy fringe that is pushed to the side and is usually in a ponytail, so she doesn't have all the hair in her eyes, though it has also been hung loose at times. In the film, her hair is kept down and curls at the ends. The colour of her eyes is unknown but in the movie, she has blue eyes.

Among her fairy friends there is Inky the Indigo Fairies, one of the Rainbow Fairies, the one with the Indigo colors. Izzy has short black hair, dark blue eyes, and tan skin. She wears an indigo jacket with matching jeans that have sparkly pockets. She also wears a blue belt, blue trainers, and a silver necklace. Her wings are pointy and indigo-tinted, so she is very colourful and these colors appear everywhere around her and shows her personality. The book says that she has blue eyes, darkish-blue hair, and wears inkdrop-shaped silver earrings, so she is also really stylish. Her wand is described as "indigo, tipped with silver", which sounds magical.

What’s the magic of the rainbow

Sky is another one of the fairies, also known as the Blue Fairy, she was saved by Rachel and Kristy. Sky has short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes, so her hair can resemble to that of Rachel's. She wears a silver tiara, so she is very classy, and wears blue star-shaped earrings, so like all the other fairies she also looks magical. Sky wears a blue dress and matching knee-high boots, so you can see that all the fairies love wearing their favorite colors. She wears silver cuffs around her arms and neck. Her wings are diamond-shaped and blue-tinted, so she is easy to spot by you in the games.

Fern is the Green Fairy, responsible for the green color, a calm and happy fairy, always hoping that people get along with each other all the time. We also have the violet fairy, Heather , the orange fairy, Amber, the red fairy, Ruby and the Yellow one, named Saffron. In this new and fun category we want to offer you as many new and fun games as possible with your friends from the series Rainbow Magic, you will see that there are actually hundreds of fairies, all magical, all friendly and cute, all with different personalities who are ready to have fun with you and of course to even teach you new and interesting things !

Who are the main characters of the Rainbow Magic stories?

Almost all the characters you get to play with are magical and also fairies, but the two characters who definitely appear the most are of course the two good friends, Rachel and Kristy.

What kind of characters can you play with here?

Almost all the characters you get to play with in our games in this new Rainbow Magic category are magical characters and of course, also fairies.

How many fairies are there?

We can't even tell you how many fairies, there are really a lot of them so that is good news because you have a lot of friends waiting for you here, but if you really want to know there are 275.

What kind of games can you play with the fairies?

You have adventure games, artistic games, dress up games, all kind of fun ones with hyour friends.