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Alice in Wonderland is a beautiful Disney story, in which Alice goes into a magical dream world. She meets the Mad Hatter, and tries to help the White Queen return on the thrown she was eliminated from by her sister.

A new set of games is ready! We are talking about the Alice in Wonderland games which is going to be a brand new series of Disney games that kids all ages can enjoy for free! Each and every one of our Alice in Wonderland games are free to play online, and you can see that they can be access from computers, laptops and phones due to the HTML5 technology! From the beginning, we can say that Alice in Wonderland games are ready and will be very different, which gives us the opportunity to have girl Alice in Wonderland games and boys Alice in Wonderland games at the same time ready to be played in our new category!

The new Alice in Wonderland games are going to be based on the amazing story which has the same name. In 2010, Disney Studios created a new movie based on the original story and the book. The 2010 movie was created by Tim Burton, and will have as one of the main characters played by Johnny Depp, as the mad hatter, which ended up to become one of the most popular of the characters, even more popular as the main one, which is Alice. All the online Alice in Wonderland games are going to take place in a very special place, where everything is possible. Magic is the main word of this new Disney movie, and we are sure that you guys will love the characters, the stories and playing our free Alice in Wonderland games.

Once you start playing the Alice in Wonderland games here on our website, you dear kids can see how much fun you can have, because each and every one of these challenges are free to play. There are plenty of girly challenges, in which you have to help Alice and all the other characters like the Mad Hatter to change clothes, styles and wear trendy outfits. Other challenges might give you the opportunity to see cute pictures from the Alice in Wonderland movie and start to solve puzzles, spot differences between the pictures and even interesting Alice in Wonderland hidden objects games, Alice in Wonderland math games and other types of exciting challenges and even 2 player games for kids that you can try with your brothers, sisters or friends!

Into the Magic

The beginning of the story is going to take place in 1871, when an 19-year-old girl called Alice has plenty of dreams after her father died. Alice always thought in magic, and during a garden party, she sees a white rabbit with a very interesting outfit, which made him look like a gentleman which is carrying a pocket watch. The rabbit runs, and Alice follows him, and falls into a magical rabbit hole, which is a gateway to Underland after drinking a special potion and eating a special cake, where Alice is going to be a true giant. At the beginning, Alice is greeted by some of the characters that are always going to be present in the Alice in Wonderland games that we are going to present for you guys. These characters are going to be the White Rabbit, Dodo, Dormouse, Talking Flowers and the identical twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Having these kind of dream after her father’s death, Alice thinks that she is dreaming that she is in this magical world, but Absolem the Caterpillar, one of the characters of this show tells Alice that she is destined to save the Underland. The entire realm is overtaken by the Red Queen, which is also going to be the villain of the story! The Red Queen is evil, and she runs the realm with tirrany and power based on fear.

The Red Queen troops trap some of the characters of the group, only Alice and Dormouse manage to stay clear. The Queen is told that Alice has returned to the realm, and she knows that this is going to be a real threat for her rule, and orders her troops to go and start a search party in order to find Alice as fast as possible. This is the moment when Alice is going to meet the Mad Hatter, who is going to explain everything to Alice, how the Red Queen took the rightful place on the throne of her sister, the White Queen, and how she is trapping everyone who is against her. The Mad Hatter is one of the people who are still resisting the Queen’s current regime after she destroys the village in which the Mad Hatter was living in.

It’s time for the first adventures of the Alice in Wonderland games! We are sure that you will have a great time, because Alice and the Mad Hatter are going to try and help the White Queen return on the throne. This is going to be difficult, dangerous and the characters have to be brave to face the Red Queen’s army of cards.

Challenges and dangers

The entire category of Alice in Wonderland games is going to be amazing, because the story is filled with magical creatures, interesting characters like the Mad Hatter or the magical cat that knows everything and even can see in the future. Wonderland or the Underland is a magical place filled with colors and interesting environments that you can see only in the Alice in Wonderland games! You will see these scenes through the movie, or if you want, through our ability games. Like any big category, Alice in Wonderland games is going to have more than 70 games that you can play for free. It’s going to be a lot of fun, because you will be able to play exciting Puzzle challenges with Alice in Wonderland games! You have to use the MOUSE to solve the puzzles, and you can see that each picture is going to be broken in small puzzle pieces that you have to take piece by piece and make sure that you are able to place them in the right spot for the Alice in Wonderland pictures to be completed, and with each puzzle picture that you solve, you will be rewarded with a lot of points.

This is just one of the games types that you can try in this category, and the next, we are going to show you the Ability challenges! Through the Alice in Wonderland games, you dear kids can see that there are plenty of Differences challenges, in which the same, while using the MOUSE as the main control, you will use a magnifying glass and be sure that you can go through the pictures, and spot all five differences between two almost identical pictures with Alice and all the other characters.

Because the main character in this Disney story is going to be a girl, there are going to be plenty of Dress-up Alice in Wonderland games that you can play for free. You guys will see that in each and every one of the games from our website, Alice is going to have the same style of clothes for her to be easily recognisable by any girl all around the wold. Alice is always going to have a blue dress, and over it, she is going to have a white shirt. Alice has beautiful yellow hair, and always will have a bandana to keep it tight. Alice will very much love to change her style in special fashion games, so there’s going to be plenty of dress-up, makeover and makeup games for girls that you can try for free. Have fun!

Is this a Disney story?

Yes, the Alice in Wonderland movies are made by Disney Studios.

Who is the main character of the story?

Alice is going to be the main character.

Why is Alice in Wonderland?

She is destined to free the realm and rescue it.

Who is the villain of the story?

The Red Queen.

Who is Alice's best friend?

The Mad Hatter.

Is Alice in love with the Mad Hatter?

Yes, she loves him very much.