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This new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the story Aladdin and to his princess, Jasmin.

A new Disney story is waiting for you! The Aladdin games are about to appear right here on our website, and you dear children can meet with new exotic characters that we are sure that you will love. The new Aladdin games are set for both girls and boys, so you can have friends over and play Aladdin games online for free! Each and every one of our latest Aladdin games are going to be available to be played on your mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops if you have an internet connection!

This is going to be a great story with Disney princesses and adventures that will blow your mind. The Aladdin story is one of the first Middle Eastern stories that Disney Pictures adopted, and it's going to be about a poor boy, called Aladdin, which is in love with a beautiful girl called Jasmine. She is going to be an Arabian princess, and he is going to be an ordinary boy that wants to take her heart and become one of the cutest couples from Disney! This is just a short telling about the original Aladdin games story, in which you will meet with new characters, will have great adventures in the Arabian environments and will be part of this amazing Disney story.

Aladdin originally is a love story between princess Jasmine and Aladdin, and you guys can be step by step with them through each and every one of our girly Aladdin games, love Aladdin games and princess Jasmine games online that you can find starting from today right here on our website. You will see that all these challenges are free to play, and that you can try them out even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

Disney saw that you guys love the Aladdin story through the years, and so they started in 2019 to create a new Disney movie that will have the same name, but will be a real movie with real people which are acting to be the Aladdin characters.

The Aladdin movie

There's the first Disney movie of Aladdin, which was a cartoon, and there's also a very interesting Aladdin cartoon series that was a real success, and now there's a new Aladdin movie that is going to appear in 2019. The movie will have the same name, and you can see how much fun you can have playing the Aladdin games that are based on the movie! This new Aladdin movie from 2019 is going to bring forward for you guys a few actors that we are sure you love, and one of them is going to be Will Smith, who is playing in the movie the blue Genie.

The story inside the Aladdin movie is going to be based on the life of Aladdin, who is an orphan who lives in the Arabian city of Agrabah. Aladdin is going to always have by his side one of his best friends! We are sure that you expect to be another boy Aladdin's age, but you are in for the first surprise because Aladdin's best friend is going to be a little monkey called Abu! The two of them roam the streets of the city in search of adventures. Jasmine met Aladdin one day when she snuck out of the palace. She is a cute princess and is about to be sultan after her father, but she is expected to marry a royal member and a royal suitor.

Of course, like any other good story, Aladdin will not be any different, and there has to be a villain, and his name is going to be Jafar. Jafar is the villain of the story, and he is going to want to be the Sultan, but for that, you will see that he is seeking a magic lamp, which is holding a powerful genie that grants wishes, and it can make Jafar Sultan in a heartbeat. Jafar is already in the palace because he is a grand vizier of the Sultan.

One day, Aladdin goes to the palace and sneaks inside in order to meet with Jasmine without anybody knowing, but Jafar captures Aladdin and Abu! The wizzard wants to make a deal with Aladdin, knowing that him and princess Jasmine want to be together, but Aladdin does not have what it takes ti marry a princess! Jafar offers Aladdin big riches, which will give them a big social status boost which will give him the opportunity to make princess Jasmine his wife, if he does one thing for him. Aladdin is very curious about Jafar’s plan, but he doesn’t know the secret plans of the villain.

Jafar tells Aladdin that he needs to retrieve a lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin loves Jasmine so much that he doesn’t really second guess Jafar’s plan, so he goes to the Cave of Wonders, where a very important moment is being unveiled. Everybody knows that Aladdin has a magic carpet that has the ability to fly, but few people remember where he got the carpet. Well, in the Cave of Wonders, by mistake, Aladdin frees the carpet and manages to find the lamp. Many of our Aladdin games are going to be just like that: You being in the cave, running in 3D simulator games and trying to find the lamp. Another type of adventure Aladdin games are you on the magic carpet and flying and trying to keep the carpet and Aladdin safe through the adventure.

The first mission you can play inside our Aladdin games is just this, that you have to retrieve the lamp! Aladdin manages to finish his mission, and gets the lamp to Jafar, who of course tricks Aladdin and traps him in a cave. Abu is of course with Aladdin, but he is very nimble and athletic, so he manages to escape the cave and retrieve the lamp by stealing it from Jafar.

Gold and Blue

Aladdin and Abu are still trapped in the cave, but there’s an escape! For that, Aladdin has to summon the Genie from the lamp. He is going to be a very important character of the story, but doesn’t have a name, he will known as the Genie. Aladdin doesn’t use after all a wish to get out of the cave, and the very first wish for the Genie is of course to make him a prince, so that he can take Jasmine and make her his wife. Aladdin makes a promise to the Genie after he grants his first wish, and he tells the Genie that his last wish is going to be to free the Genie from the bottle and even turn him into a real human being, which is one of the Genie’s wishes.

The first date on which now “prince” Aladdin and princess Jasmine are going on is going to be on the magic carpet! The two love birds are going to fly over the city over and over again, which Jasmine is going to love. Being a prince, he looks different, and have a different personality, which doesn’t show Jafar that he is actual Aladdin from the beginning. Once Jafar figures out who he is, Aladdin is captured again and thrown by the villain in the moat, which if he survives he will know Aladdin’s true identity.

The path for the Love challenges inside the Aladdin games is set after their first date! Aladdin and Jasmine are going to appear in plenty of the Aladdin games here on our website, and you will see that the challenges that they have prepared for you guys are going to be very different. Boys and girls can play together Aladdin games, because you can see that there are many types that you can try. Jasmine is going to bring for you girls plenty of Aladdin dress-up challenges, makeover games and even spa games for girls that you can play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets!

Aladdin games are going to be a little different, because dear kids even though he now has a prince status, he is still the boy from the streets, and always has different challenges and adventures set with Abu and even the Genie once he turns human. You will have a great time, and you will see that each and every one of our Aladdin games for kids will be free to play, and you will be able to try them out on your phones and tablets for free. Have fun!

Is Aladdin Arabic or Indian?

Aladdin is taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Is there a princess in the Aladdin story?

Yes, princess Jasmine is the princess character.

Is Aladdin a Disney story?

Yes, Disney studios created two Aladdin movies.

Who is Aladdin's best friend?

Abu, the monkey that is always by his side.

How does Aladdin become a prince?

With the help of the magic lamp and the Genie.

Do Aladdin and the Genie become friends?

Yes, and Aladdin grants the Genie his last wish.

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