Super Mario World

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Super Mario World is our new game with running and jumping from this amazing world of retro Mario games that we know you love so much. Even if it's a classic game, it's still a great experience and a fun game. We are going to explain to you the rules of this game and how to play it, so you can be sure that you can win it!

How do I play it? Well, it's super easy! With the arrow keys, you move, using the down one to crouch, Z to jump, and X to make a spin jump. You find yourselves in Dinosaur Land, where Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool, the princess of this realm, so you and Yoshi have to team up and rescue her from the castle he is holding! You will enter this amazing world, a magic world where Mario is the main character and a very special one.

You will join the adventure by jumping and ducking to avoid the bombs, creatures, and other kinds of dangers and traps, while you also have to be careful not to fall into pits. Make sure you collect the mushrooms and get bigger, or maybe even powers, and collect as many coins as you can to increase your score. It's very exciting, isn't it? Remember to move fast because you play against time, so you must finish the level before the time runs out, otherwise you will lose.

That's all you need to know. Now you can start playing and have fun with your favorite character, Mario. Tell all your friends that Mario is back and that it's still a great game to play. Make sure you try out other mario games on our website. Good luck!

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How to play

Use the arrows, Z, X keys.