Five Nights at Freddys 4

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In the spine-tingling adventure of "Five Nights at Freddys 4", you're no longer confined to a security office. Now, you find yourself in the eerie setting of a child's bedroom at night. The comfort of security cameras is gone, leaving you at the mercy of the nightmarish animatronics without any visual aid.

In this game, you rely only on a trusty flashlight that stays with you throughout the night, along with your own sense of hearing. The first night might seem less spooky, meant to ease you into the game before things start getting intense. Listening carefully for sound cues is crucial in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. This fourth installment emphasizes using your ears to detect approaching danger. 

Your flashlight can be both a savior and a harbinger of doom. When you open doors, resist the urge to switch it on immediately. Instead, close your eyes for a moment and listen for any signs of trouble inside. If you hear any creepy breathing, quickly shut the door and keep it closed until the unsettling sounds fade away.

Two vital spots to keep a close watch on are the closet and the bed. Using your flashlight to ward off miniature Freddys gathering on the bed is essential. Shine the light on them to make them vanish. Foxy, the sneaky fox animatronic, may sneak into your closet from the hallways. Check on the closet regularly until Foxy is no longer a threat.

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