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What are Teen Titans Games?

This time the new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a very beautiful category in which you will have by your side games with the characters from the serie Teen Titans from Cartoon Network.

Playing amazing games is what we do best! Starting from today, the children that love to play free online games can visit our new Teen Titans games category, in which you can meet with brand new superheroes. The Teen Titans or the Teen Titans GO series are going to be the base for this new category and series of free online games for boys and girls. We are sure that you are going to love the Teen Titans games category, because we are going to start bringing for you amazing adventure challenges, cute little coloring games, quizzes and special girl games with the Teen Titans that you will be able to try out even on your mobile phones, computers, tablets and laptops.

The Teen Titans is an American animated TV series that stars a group of superheroes, and it was created and aired by Cartoon Network. The very first Teen Titans games-based episode was released in 2003, and since then, the superhero show was a real success. It first had only two seasons, but seeing how much kids all ages love to watch the superheroes fight crime and interact with each other, new seasons were released of the Teen Titans series. Five full seasons were released of the Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO cartoon, which brought the kids all over the world very close to each and every one of the characters, which made the show very popular. Besides this Cartoon Network series, the Teen Titans characters have appeared in a special cartoon Teen Titans movie! There are also plenty of Teen Titans toys, action figures and props from the show that kids all over the world can buy and even dress-up like the Teen Titans.

Because the plot was so interesting, and that the characters are young, Teen Titans became one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows of all time. The original Teen Titans series was extremely popular during it’s five seasons, so in 2013, there was a new series with the same characters appearing, and it was called Teen Titans GO!. In 2018, because the success was ongoing with the new show, there was even a movie created that could been watched in theaters all over the world, and it was called Teen Titans Go! To the Movies! A second spin-off of the original Teen Titans series was created in 2019, and it was displayed after 13 years! It’s called Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans.

Teen or Titan

We already said that the free online Teen Titans games from our website are going to be free to play on any device, and that’s a way for us to be closer to you guys, and play together the most exciting new Teen Titans games that you can find online. For you to have a better experience though, you will need to learn as much as possible about the ongoing Teen Titans games that you can find on our website, and each and every one of the characters, their adventures, missions and of course their enemies, so that you know what to expect once you press play in any of our Teen Titans games online.

Of course, the Teen Titans is a fictional story, and it’s a cartoon that at first started off as a comic book. Inside the original Teen Titans story, you will see that there are five main characters, with which you are going to constantly meet in each and every one of our Teen Titans games that we will post for you guys. The characters are going to be of course teenagers, just like the title of this series informs us from the beginning. These main characters are going to be superheroes, and they will all going to be gifted with special powers, which they will use to start fighting against crime and villains all over the city in order to keep it safe. There’s going to be an exception of this superpowers rule of course, which will make the Teen Titans series even more interesting.

We are sure that you are very curious to meet with the Teen Titans by now! The main characters of the story are going to be Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire and Raven. Like any other superhero team, they need a leader, and Robin stepped up and became the leader of the Teen Titans even from the very fist episode. He is very smart and very eager to help everybody. All the Teen Titans live together in the Titan Tower, which is a big building that is T shaped. They have everything they need inside the tower, each superhero has his own room, they have a common area, a kitchen and a laboratory where they plan missions.

Each season of the Teen Titans series is going to be different, and they will all have different villains the Teen Titans are going to fight against. In some seasons, one of the Teen Titans will be more in the spotlight than the others, which will make the series even more interesting than it already is. Villains, robots, aliens or even mutants, will all be dangers that are going to wait for you to fight against in the Teen Titans games that we are going to start posting starting from today, and we are sure that you will find yourself a favorite among the Teen Titans superheroes, and after that you will visit this category and play the game with your favorite character as the avatar of the challenge.

Be a titan yourself

The only human in the online Teen Titans games is going to be Robin! You might know him already from the Batman movies. In this superhero story, Robin is known as Batman’s sidekick! In the Teen Titans story, Robin is just a teenager, and he is already knowing that he wants to help everybody in his city feel safe on the streets. He is not going to be a sidekick though, as he will be the leader of the Teen Titans! Robin is an ordinary teenage boy, and has no superpowers, but he is very smart and very brave, which makes him very powerful. During the show, Robin is rarely seen without his superhero costume. He is going to wear green gloves, an eye mask so that he is not recognized, a cape and a superhero costume with an R on his chest left side.

Another character and superhero from the Teen Titans games for children is going to be Cyborg! He is also a boy, just like Robin, but he is not going to be as normal as Robin, because he will be half human half robot. You might think that Cyborg is the same thing as Robocop, but it’s not going to be the case, because Cyborg is young, and the Robocop story is focusing on a grown man that suffers an accident while being a police officer which had several surgeries, and the only way that he could have been kept alive was combining his functional body parts with actual robot parts. Cyborg is the biggest of the Teen Titans, he is going to be very powerful, and because he is half robot, he will be able to have several gadgets that he is using during the superhero missions.

In total, inside the Teen Titans games on computers, you will see that there are three boys! Cyborg, Robin and Beast Boy! This is not his actual name, but a superhero nickname, which will give you an insight of his superpowers. Beast Boy is an actual beast boy character, as he looks almost like a human, but has the ability to shapeshift in any animal or beast known to humankind. Gorillas, dragons, crocodiles, cats or hippos are all at Beast Boy’s discretion to shape shift in a second, but he has a little bit of down time when he shape-shifts for a lot of times in a short period of time, or when he keeps the shift for too long, so he has to regain his strength. Beast Boy is easy to be recognize when he is not changed into an animal, because he is green and have very pointy animal like ears.

Enough with the boy superheroes of this show! Cartoon Network wants to show the girls all around the world that they can be heroes just as powerful as the boys, and you will see that inside the Teen Titans games, you are going to meet with Raven, one of the most powerful Teen Titans! Raven is not a normal girl, and her superpowers are being controlled by her mind, which will be very cool to see how she can levitate and almost fly, control objects, build protective barriers for her and the Teen Titans.

Starfire is the second girl of the show! Girl power all the way inside the Teen Titans, and you will see that she is going to actually be an alien on our planet. Starfire is a princess on her planet, but she wants to be a warrior. She is extremely powerful, she is beautiful and Cyborg might have a crush on her, which you will see throughout the Teen Titans games for kids that you can start playing starting from now!

Who is the leader of Teen Titans?

The superheroes are lead by Robin.

Is Teen Titans on Boomerang?

Yes, but it can also be seen on Cartoon Network.

Are all the Teen Titans boys?

No, Starfire and Raven are superhero girls.

Who are the Teen Titans?

Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire.

Is Cyborg robocop?


Is there a Teen Titans Go movie?


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