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Word Splash 2 is the game you all have been waiting for! It is a sequel to the Cartoon Network game, but this one is even better! How? Because it brings up many more characters you love, and also because the new characters from the channel are here. What does this mean? It means more words for you to guess, so much more fun and excitement! If you are ready to begin, we will explain to you what you have to do so you can start as soon as possible!
In each level, you need to guess the words using the letter shown. If you make a mistake, your character will descend on the rope, and if you lose, they will fall into the water! Splash! You can use the clues on the right side, but try not to abuse them! Instead, use your brain and your imagination to find out the answers! We are sure you won't have any problems finding the words, but still, if it happens to lose, try again as many times as you need until you win. Be ambitious and persistent!
Before you begin, you can choose between the easy mode and the hard mode, depending on your skills and your experience with this kind of game! Also, you can choose the category of words you want to explore! These categories are: characters, food, games, animals, places, transport, or sports. Choose the one you prefer and see what happens! Make sure you get out of your comfort zone and try as many categories as possible!
We advise you to begin and don't stop until you win! Try out other educational games on our website because they will train your mind and make you smarter! Good luck!

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