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This is a new Cartoon Network show! Apple and Onion are ready to bring for you adventures, funny food critiques, cooking challenges, dancing games and a lot of exciting puzzles and even food makeovers in the girly games.

What are Apple and Onion Games?

The Cartoon Network world is very popular here on our website, so the games from this TC Channel just like on Boomerang, so the most popular games and stories are appearing right here on our website, and today we are waiting for you with a new category, in which you can see how much fun you can have playing with the new Apple and Onion characters that are going to wait for you to play even on your mobile phones, computers, tablets and laptops in order to see which is one of your favorite games which is already online.

These two new characters are going to be very popular, because they are already very well known all around the world! Apple and Onion are two of the characters inside this new story, and they are living just like real human do, but they are far from it. As their name say, Apple – is an apple shaped character which can speak, can walk, can run and can laugh. Onion – is an onion shaped character, which just like any human being, can do anything that he wants and sets his mind to do, which you will very well see inside the Apple and Onion show and games available here on our website.

Meet with Apple and Onion

Some of the first things that you need to know about Apple and Onion is that it’s going to be that it’s a new cartoon story from Cartoon Network, in which the main characters are actually the Apple character and the Onion character. These two are actual cartoon vegetables, because the entire world they live in is just like our world, but the humans and animals are replaced with food! Vegetables, fruit, fast food, cooked food and other types of snacks and treats are going to take as characters inside this new story, and you will see that they will have a lot of great adventures, awesome stories, fun challenges, cute little pictures that you can see only if you solve puzzles, color pictures and even flip different types of memory cards.

The same studio that created this new Apple and Onion TV series also created some other titles that you know and love, and which you can even play here on our website, because we have for you the categories like Mao Mao and the Heroes of Pure Hearts, The Amazing World of Gumball and even Craig of the Creek, so this new show is going to be amazing, because it’s going to be very modern, and the graphics are going to be very good, which you can see that is going to be from the beginning to the end, because Apple and Onion and all the other Cartoon Network characters are going to be good looking illustrations animated on a computer.

The first episode of Apple and Onion, the pilot was created in 2017, and the first episode was released with an entire first season in March 2017! The Apple and Onion season 1 was available for children all around the world in February 2018, and because it was a real success and the two main characters have become very popular among the children up to 14 years old, there’s a new Apple and Onion season 2 that appeared in 2019, and which you might even seen before on Cartoon Network, and you can see that all the adventures from the two seasons have been reproduced in most of the Apple and Onion online games that we have just published.

Most of the stories and adventures of these two main characters happen inside a diner, where you can meet with all of Apple and Onion’s friends, which of course are going to be different other types of foods, which you might eat on the daily basis, so we challenge you to write in the comment sections which are the food characters that you know from this new show that we have just released on our website.

How many friends are there?

We are absolutely sure that you are going to love this new category, because it’s going to be filled with games for boys, funny musical games, free adventure challenges, puzzle games, car games and some platformer games, and all you have to do is to search for this new games inside the Apple and Onion category, where you will meet with the two main characters and with the other food characters that you can meet and play with even on your computers, your laptops, your mobile phones and your tablets.

For you to have extra fun, it’s very important that you know who you are going to play with, so we have prepared a full list of the Cartoon Network characters inside this show, and you can see that from the beginning to the end, there are going to be new food characters just like humans that have different personalities, different sizes and different perks that you might like or hate, so you will have favorite and least favorite characters inside this new Apple and Onion games category.

Of course, the main characters of this new story are going to be Apple and Onion, because they even give the name of the show! Apple is as you seen and know already, an apple character that came to the big city in order to make a new life for himself, and where he met with Onion, and now they are best friends forever, or BFFs, and you will see that he often starts coming out with new plans and new adventures for the two friends once they get in trouble during their day to day life.

Onion is the second main character of the show, and you can see that he as well values his new friendship with Apple, and that he is a little different than his friend. Onion is a little bit on the shy side, and you will learn that he also came to the city on the same day as Apple, so it’s their destiny to meet and become good friends. Because Apple comes with the ideas, it’s going to be on Onion’s shoulders to make them become true, so he often tries to defeat the barriers and try to help his friend to stay grounded and see what is possible and what is not, which will make him the voice of reason of the group.

Falafel is one of the secondary characters that often appear in the Apple and Onion episodes, and he is going to be the main characters’ landlord. He owns the building in which Apple and Onion are staying on the roof, because they don’t really have a lot of money due to the fact that they just came to the city. Falafel has a pet rooster, and his name is Ferekh, and you will see that they will often appear and try to deal with their financial problems and Apple and Onion’s as well.

Burger is another character, a friend of Apple and Onion, which is a regular customer at the Pizza’s Diner, where the gang hangs out in each and every one of the episodes. Hot Dog, French Fry, Cotton Candy, Beef Jerky, Pizza, Patty or Lemondrop are just a few of the characters that appear inside this new Cartoon Network story, and we are going to wait for you to descover them all and see how much fun you can have playing all these amazing new games here on our website.

Is Apple and Onion appropriate?

The show is not vulgar, but it's not educational either.

Are Apple and Onion autistic?

Yes, both Cartoon Network characters are autistic.

What age is Apple and Onion for?

The show is for all the kids over 7 years old.

Where does Apple and Onion live?

The main characters live on the roof of a building in, City.

How many seasons of Apple and Onion are there?

There are currently 2 seasons of Apple and Onion available.

Is there a season 3 coming?

It is not yet announced.

What kind of characters are inside Apple and Onion?

All the Cartoon Network characters in this show are food based!

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