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Ivandoe is a forest prince! He is the son of the Mighty Stag, and wants to become one of the most well known vikings in the forest. Adventures are waiting for Ivandoe and his animal friends while trying to retrieve the Golden Feather for his father.

Some of the most interesting categories are appearing right here on our website, where you guys can see starting from today the new Ivandoe games category! This is going to be a very exciting new category of games for children all ages. You will soon enough learn that the new Ivandoe games category is going to all be based on the full story called The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe! Each and every one of the Ivandoe games that we are going to start posting here on our website, are going to be free to play! Ivandoe games are also going to be available on all platforms, and you will see how easy it will be to play free Ivandoe games on your mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

This is going to be a very exciting new Cartoon Network story for you guys to play for free! The new online Ivandoe games category from Cartoon Network is going to be based on a very popular show that appeared in 2020 on the TV Channel and everywhere online. This story is called The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe, and it’s going to be a very interesting mini series. The very beginning of Ivandoe was in the North of Europe, mostly in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden or Norway, and it’s because the roots of the story will have Vikings, which are of course local legends.

The beginning of this series started from 2017, where the very first episodes of Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe was released, and since then, the mini-series was ended, and in 2020, Ivandoe returned on Cartoon Network with a new season, which is longer, more interesting and with plenty of other adventures that you can play through each and every one of our new Ivandoe games online for free! We are sure that you will love this new category, because it’s going to have Vikings, which are big, strong, powerful and the characters are going to be unique!

Animal lovers

All the Ivandoe adventure games are going to take place in a big forest, which will make the series even more interesting, and which will give you a hint about the future, because we are about to reveal for you guys which are the character types that you are going to meet with. Inside this new game, you will see how all the Ivandoe characters are going to actually live in the forest, and which would be visible and could be found in real life in real forests. For the kids that did not got out hints, we are walking about animals! You will see that each and every one of the Ivandoe characters are going to be anthropologic, so they will have the ability to walk like human beings, talk like human beings and even have special abilities, most of them will be the fact that they are Vikings so they will know how to fight and how to use weapons like swords, axes, spears or shields.

You guys already know that the main character is going to be in the title of the series, so Ivandoe! He is an actual prince of the forest, that lives with his father, the king of the forest. Ivandoe is a little deer character, that is just getting his antlers. Ivandoe’s father is the Mighty Stag, and he is sent in the middle of the forest in a magical quest. Ivandoe’s mission in the beginning of the series is going to be to find and retrieve the magical Golden Feather, which is held at the moment by the Eagle King, who is considered the villain in this Cartoon Network series.

Just like a real viking, Ivandoe is not going to be alone in his quests! You will see that in each mission, each adventure game and each quest that he starts, Ivandoe is going to have a little team to help him. One of the team members in Ivandoe’s viking squad is going to be Bert, who is a little bird character. They are going to create a good team together, and you will see that through the Ivandoe games online, that they both have each other’s back, because the adventures inside the forest will reveal plenty of other animals, creatures and even monsters, which will make our brand new Ivandoe games and adventures even more interesting.

Through the forest

There are plenty of amazing new challenges for you to try, and the Ivandoe games category is ready for you to try it out, and see which is one of your favorite challenges. It’s going to be a great time playing online Ivandoe games, because there are new games for kids that you guys loved from previous categories, and Ivandoe might become your favorite one just like the other Cartoon Network stories from our website.

Inside this new category, you dear kids can see that it’s going to be a great time playing the Ivandoe games, because they are easy to be played. All Ivandoe online games for kids are free to play, and you will see that they can also access the games by phone, laptop, computers or tablets, all you need is an internet connection. Click the play button on each and every one of the fun Ivandoe games from Cartoon Network, and we are sure that you will be able to find your favorite one, and you will see plenty of other exciting challenges and adventures with Ivandoe as the main character.

One of these challenges, is going to be inside the forest, and of course Ivandoe is the main character. This new game is called Ivandoe Quest Chapter One, which is a great adventure, in which you will have to go through the woods, and you will see that you will have to use the A, S, W, D keys and the ARROW keys in order to defeat the challenge, and see how in the middle of the forest, you will be able to defeat the challenge by keeping Ivandoe safe, and that’s going to be available in each and every one of the adventure challenges from this new category. You have to be safe and clear with Ivandoe through the entire game, and see how fast you can collect all the bonus tokens, like the swords, buckets or even crates, which will get you more points, and will be of your help in order to have the highest score of the Ivandoe games from our website. Have fun!