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Tom and Jerry from Cartoon Network and from Boomerang are popular characters. They started to fight each other inside the house, and plenty of adventures started just when Jerry is racing around the clock to catch and cook some cheese. Tom the cat fights like a true army soldier to catch and even tries to eat Jerry the mouse, but without any luck, because the second animal character of the story always manages to outsmart him.

The best 2022 games are ready to appear, but we are not forgetting about the classics, and you can see that the new versions of Tom and Jerry games are ready to appear here on our website, so we are preparing a new style and a new description of the full Tom and Jerry games online category that we are filling with amazing games for kids, that you can play even on your mobile phones, tablets, computers or laptops if you have an internet connection.

Tom and Jerry are two of the most popular characters from Cartoon Network and in 2022, you can see that these two animal characters are going to star on Boomerang as well! This is a full-on American story that appeared in 1940, so it's very old, and you can find on Cartoon Network a lot of amazing episodes, in which the main characters are Tom and Jerry. Tom is a gray cat that lives in a house with his owner, a black woman that is very scared of mice, which is why she got Tom from the beginning of the story.

The beginnings of Tom and Jerry

This show started in 1940! But it's still ongoing in 2022 when you can still watch new episodes with the two enemies that often look like best friends, and the Tom and Jerry games with the new cartoons did not take long to appear, so look inside our category and see which are the best 2022 Tom and Jerry games online from both Cartoon Network and Boomerang. In the beginning, there were only 114 episodes of this cartoon made for MGM, a movie company at the time, and they appeared from 1940 to 1958. The short cartoons become very popular due to their message and how they manage to captivate the attention of their viewers of all ages, and so they have won a lot of awards.

Because it was a real hit, Hannah Barbera and the other producers of the show managed to keep it alive all these years because they made different versions and iterations of the show. There were full-on movies for cinemas, for TV, comic books, children's books, and the most popular of them all, the TV cartoon series called Tom and Jerry Show, Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, Tom and Jerry Kids, Tom and Jerry Tales and there was even a musical called Tom and Jerry: Purr-Chance to Dream which appeared in Japan in 2019. And now there are the best Tom and Jerry games!

Most of the time, as we already said, Tom and Jerry are going to be enemies, but in plenty of the episodes, you can see that the two animal characters might even work together through their adventures. Also, you will see that, in the Tom and Jerry show on Cartoon Network in the ’90s and in 2022 on Boomerang, most of the episodes might be outside, where new stories and new characters are going to appear in the picture - this is also the case with Tom and Jerry games.

It’s going to be a lot of fun because, dear kids, you can see that inside the challenges, Tom and Jerry are not going to be alone as they have a lot of friends, family, and even enemies that visit the house and make the story even more exciting and more interesting because those are going to be special episodes that have different themes and subjects that get approached by the scenarists. All these characters will also appear in Tom and Jerry games online on our website. One of the most popular recurring characters is going to be Spike, an English bulldog that lives in the same house as Tom and Jerry - he is outside in the backyard, but while the adventures with the cat and mouse are inside the house, Spike is not going to appear on the episodes.

Start to know your heroes!

For the Tom and Jerry games experience to be even more interesting, we are inviting you guys to start and see which characters you are going to see inside the cartoon and inside each and every one of the games that you can see right here on our website.

One of the main characters of the story is obviously Tom, which is a grey cat. The full story is a cartoon, and even the movies that appeared and the one in 2022 are cartoons. Tom is a big cat that lives in a house with his owner, an older lady who loves Tom, but thinks of him as responsible for the safety of the house, mostly of mice, and you will have to be very careful and concentrated because you have to stay focused and see how you and Tom will manage to defeat the challenges and try to catch Jerry in all of the rounds.

Jerry is the second main character, and he is a brown mouse that lives all around the house in which Tom is living. Jerry has holes in the house walls, and you have to be sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to help the little brown mouse to escape the chases of Tom, and you will see that he is going to have a very good friend inside the house, and that’s going to be Spike the bulldog, which is going to always protect Jerry when he goes outside, and one of Jerry’s best friend will be Spike’s little boy, which is going to be another little character of the story and also of Tom and Jerry games.

As we said about Spike, he is the English bulldog that lives in the backyard of the house where Tom and Jerry have their adventures. Spike is big, powerful, and fierce, which is going to help him look even scarier for Tom, who is already genetically afraid of dogs, so you can see that Spike is going to scare Tom only by looking at him. You can see that they will always fight, and Tom is going to try to outsmart Spike while trying to capture Jerry through their adventures, but Spike is going to always be overprotective over Jerry because he will often be playing with his son. Spike’s son is called Tyke, and he is an English bulldog puppy filled with energy, and Jerry loves him very much and sees how he is going to use Tyke as bait to make Spike protect both of them even more - in cartoons, movies, and Tom and Jerry games online.

Along with Tom, there are going to be two different other cats inside the story, and they will all be Tom’s best friends, but they have two different stories and are not house cats like Tom. Butch is a black cat that lives in an alley near Tom’s house, and he is always dressed, and his outfit contains just a hat, and a cigar. All three cats from the story want to chase, catch and eat Jerry, even though Butch is known as Tom’s adversary throughout the adventure inside the story.

What you can try with Tom and Jerry games

Because we want you to know what’s going to be the next step for Tom and Jerry in 2022, you can see that the new Tom and Jerry movie has brought a bunch of brand new games for kids which you can try even on your mobile phones and tablets. These new Tom and Jerry games online are going to have both main characters, and plenty of them will be only with Tom or with Jerry, so you can choose to play the ones that only have your favorite from the bunch. Cartoon Network and Boomerang worked together for the new movie, and for the new 2021 games, so you will see that there are going to be plenty of new games for boys like adventures, racing games, funny challenges with different types of pranks, games for girls like dress-up games, makeover challenges with different themes, hairstyle games and even different types of educational games, in which Tom and Jerry are going to go to school to start and learn how to read, how to spell, how to write and you will have a great time playing all of these challenges inside the Tom and Jerry games category that we have just published.

Spike, Tyke, Butch, and Uncle Nino are all going to appear inside the adventures, and you can see that there will be even shooting challenges in which, instead of real weapons, you, dear boys and girls, will use slingshots with rocks or even with water balloons for the summer days.

Who created the original Tom and Jerry story?

The first episodes with Tom and Jerry appeared on Cartoon Network.

Who is Tom?

Tom is a grey cat that lives in a big house and has a little friend which happens to be a mouse.

Who is Jerry?

Jerry is the second main character of the story, and he is a little mouse.

Are there any other animals in the Tom and Jerry story?

Yes, there are two more important characters in the story, Spike and Tyke.

Are there 2022 episodes with Tom and Jerry?

Yes, Boomerang has created and aired new episodes of the original Tom and Jerry story.