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Katie Tooth Care Game

Katie is just a little girl and even though she always listens to her mother and she washes her teeth and takes care of them, they are in a really bade shape in this doctor game and that is why her mother takes Katie to the dentist and she is pretty scared of dentists because she doesn't want the treatment to be painful, but right now she has a lot of teeth aches because of her bad teeth so she needs to go to the dentist and you kids can be her dentists in this fun game because we know you can make her feel better if you simply take care of her. Don't worry even if this is your first ever dentist game because the game will tell you exactly what tool to use and how to use them in order to treat Katie an dmake her smile healthy and of course beautiful again, she is just a little girl and she has to have healthy teeth.Good luck!

use the MOUSE

You can also read the instructions that Katie Tooth Care are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Katie Tooth Care Katie Tooth Care

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