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Well this new category is dedicated to the characters from your favourite serie, Naruto.

What are Naruto Games?

Well well we are ready to offer you another new and fun category of games, a new category in which you are invited to join us and your friends and have fun. Because we try to make you extremely happy our administrative team wants you to play all the fun games we have to offer especially for you. Well this new category is dedicated to the characters from your favourite serie, Naruto. We know that you love to play this new fun games, as Naruto and his friends are some fo your favorite’s. Our family of categories is really big and it is impossible for us not to bring you this new and fun category in which you will have all types of games. Because we know that you love the serie we will offer you some details as reminders of it’s characters and story and after that we invite you to play all the games that our administrative team has the pleasure to offer to you. The main characters of the serie is Naruto as the name the serie shows us. The story of Naruto is a very sad one and we will offer you some details about it. Twelve years ago, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox devastated the shinobi village of Konohagakure, and was only stopped when the village's leader, the Fourth Hokage, gave up his life to seal it within the body of an infant named Naruto Uzumaki. Years later, Naruto has grown into a prankster who is constantly causing trouble around the village and everyone is mad at him. The villagers dislike him for it, but having no parents or friends, Naruto craves even negative attention, but he fails to get attencion as all the villagers know that inside him is the Nine Tailed Demon Fox and they do not want him around them or around their kids. Despite claiming to be a talented shinobi who will someday become the next Hokage, Naruto is incapable of performing even the most basic of techniques, such as the Clone Technique and he has to learn a lot of things that the other kids already know how to do them. After failing to graduate from the Academy, one of his instructors, Mizuki, tells him that if he manages to steal the Scroll of Seals and learn one of its secret technique, he will finally be allowed to continue on to the ranks of the ninja, but all this is a sharade, as the instructor ants the scroll for himself and tries to get it using Naruto. After successfully stealing the scroll, Naruto is caught by another instructor, Iruka Umino. Surprised that Iruka found him so quickly, Naruto worries that he will now be unable to graduate. Realising that Naruto has been tricked, Iruka protects him from Mizuki's attack. Naruto manages to get admiited in the academy and he team up with Sasuke and Sakura, and have as instructor Iruka. In the beginning Sasuke and Sakura did not like Naruto, they ated him, but after a lot fo missions and lessons together they bond a friendship and Naruto makes a family. Here we would like you to have as many games as possible , so join your friends and have a lot of fun playing with them!

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