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This time the new category of games that we have for you is dedicated to the character Pocahontas, a beautiful courageous princess from Disney.

Now is time for us to offer a new category of games with another one of the princesses from Disney . Games-kids.com is trying to offer you categories dedicated to each disney princess and we invite you to play all the game that we have to offer. We try to impress you every time we have the chance and we hope to succed. This time the new category of games that we have for you is dedicated to the character Pocahontas, a beautiful courageous princess from Disney. We will offer you some details about Pocahontas and his story, so that you can remember a little about her and the other characters from the movie . you did not know the film is the first animated feature Disney film to be based on a real historic character, the known history, and the folklore and legend that surrounds the Native American woman Pocahontas, and features a fictionalized account of her encounter with Englishman John Smith and the settlers that arrived from the Virginia Company , which is something for us all. In 1607, the Susan Constant sails to the New World from England, carrying British settlers of the Virginia Company. On board are Captain John Smith and the voyage's leader Governor Ratcliffe, who seeks large amounts of gold in the New World to assure a strong position at the British court. Along the way, the Susan Constant is caught in a North Atlantic storm, and Smith saves a young, naive crew mate named Thomas from drowning. In the Powhatan Tribe in the New World, Pocahontas,18 year old young woman, daughter of Chief Powhatan, dreads being possibly wed to Kocoum, a brave and loyal warrior but whom she sees as too serious for her free-spirited personality. Chief Powhatan gives Pocahontas her deceased mother's necklace as a present. Pocahontas, along with her friends, the gluttonous raccoon Meeko and hummingbird Flit, visit Grandmother Willow, a spiritual talking willow tree, and speaks of a possibly prophetic dream involving a spinning arrow, and her confusion regarding what her path in life should be. Grandmother Willow then alerts Pocahontas to the arriving British and she becomes curious. Pocahontas meets John Smith and in the beginning she argues with him. After the two of them go trough a fun adventure they start to fall in love. From were all the problems will come because she is engaged and also John Smith is not a native American , but an English. When Kocoum stumbles upon Pocahontas and John Smith kissing, he becomes enraged and attacks the white man with the desire of killing him at all cost. Before Pocahontas can break them up, Thomas, who had been sent to find John, shoots and kills Kocoum by mistake, as he wanted to stop the two of them from killing each other. John Smith takes the blame, is taken prisoner by the Powhatan men, and sentenced to die at sunrise for his sin .Pocahontas realizes that she must stop the execution that will lead to war between the Native Americans and the settlers, so she actions. She runs to where it will take place, calling out to the forces of nature to help her reach them in time, and they listen. Pocahontas reaches John Smith just in time to throw herself over him and save him from being killed by her father, Chief Powhatan, who then comes to his senses and releases Smith and letting Pocahontas to marry the british . Here you will have a lot of fun games and we invite you to play all of them and enjoy spending the time with one of your favourite Disney princesses, princess Pocahontas!

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