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What are Surgery Games online?

Become the best surgeons on our website by performing all kinds of surgeries! You will see that there are ill Disney princesses that will need eye surgeries, nose surgeries, brain surgeries or foot surgeries that you can do playing the challenges.

Kids all ages start to think about what they want to become when they grow up, and one of the most popular option is to become a Doctor! Today here on our website, we are going to start and help the girls and boys from our website to be one step closer in achieving their dreams, because dear kids you can see that we have prepared for you guys a brand new category! This is going to be the new Surgery games category, in which you can be some of the best doctors on our website. You will see that all surgeonts can be doctors, but not all doctors can be surgeonts, so you will be a very specific type of a doctor, which should make you even more proud of your achievements.

Here on our website, you can see that starting from today, each and every one of the characters that you guys love can be very sick and need a doctor to feel better. There's where the Surgery category is in place, because this is a very specific type of medicine, and plenty of illnesses cannot be dealth with only with medicine, drugs or treatments, and they might need surgery so that their pain will go away faster and you will see how easy it will be to make the Disney Channel princesses, the Disney Junior characters, the Cartoon Network superheroes or the little characters from Nickelodeon to feel safe in your word throughour or doctor games and surgery games that we are going to start to post inside this brand new category.

All the games that you find in the Surgery category will be amazing, because they will bring in front of you guys different types of surgeries. Each pacient will have a different problem on a different part of the body, and a good surgeont will know how to fix each and every one of their pacient's problems with the correct surgery. You will see that the Disney princesses: Moana, Mulan, Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Sofia the First or Peppa Pig, Talking Tom, Talking Angela, all the My Little Pony or Equestria Girls will need your help, because they have broken bones, different diseases or infections that need to be taken care of, and the only way for a doctor to find the cure is by doing surgery! You will have the chance to use the MOUSE in each game that you start playing as the main control, and you will see that all the surgery rooms will be ready and will be fully equipped for you guys to do a very good job no matter the challenge in front of you.

These games will also be available on your mobile phones or tablets, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing the free online games wherever you are in the world. There will be even 2 player challenges inside the surgery category, in which player 1 is going o be the surgeont and player 2 will be the nurse that will help the doctor with tools, meidicine or treatments for the pacient to feel ok during the surgery. We are sure that you will manage to help each pacient, and you will become one of the best doctors on our website.

Train to be a surgeon

For the kids that didn't do any surgeries yet, you will see that there will be little ability games called as trainings, in which you good doctors can practice different techniques used during surgeries. You will see that inside these challenges you might meet with your best friends, and you will find special tools that you have to get used too while playing. Inside these games, you will see that there's only one type of control that you have to use. The surgery training games are played using the MOUSE as the main control. You will see that with the mouse, you will have to click on the tools that you want to use at the right time, and you will see that once you click them, you will pick them up, and start to use them in different places of the surgery or the incision that you made.

If you are beginners inside the Surgery challenges, you will see that there are plenty of games that you can pick from. There are ful on series in which you will see that you are going to have to clean different cuts or bruises, so you can have a steady hand once you start to do full on surgeries. You will see that the wounds that you have to take care off are going to be dirty, have different objects inside the cuts and you will have to use tweezers, tampons, and different solutions to clear the cut, stitch it close and apply medicine very precisely so that you will be one step closer into becoming a real surgeont for the bigger problems that the kids and the characters from our website are facing.

Try the brain surgery

Now that you are all trained and you gained enough experience through the surgery games that we mentioned before, you will see that there will be bigger problems that you will have to take care off. Some of the biggest and the most dangerous surgeries that you can attend on our website and in real life as well are the brain surgeries! When a pacients ends up in the ER or the Emergency Room as you all know it, it's going to be bad, and you as doctors while you play these games will have to be very fast and make sure that you properly asses the pacient's injuries and start to get him ready for surgery if it's the case. Brain surgeries are not as common as you think, but they are very dangerous to do, so you have to be very careful and very concentrated each time that you start one.

When the brain is swelling, you will see that there's a specific procedure that you will have to do in order to release the pressure. Everything is going to be set in the surgery room, and you as the surgeont will have all the tools that you are going to need, and all the help, of course. To release the pressure of the brain, you will have to pick a sterile drilling machine and drill a whole in the scalp so that the blood and the infection is going to be drained and the brain to stop swelling. After you're finished, you will have to clean the area, clean the tools, and start to patch the hole so that it's not going to get infected. You will have all the medicine that you will need, and you can start to apply special treatments so that the brain will no longer be swallen and your pacient is going to instantly feel better.

When you will deal with infections, you will see that inside the surgery games that we have prepared for you girls and boys there will be spcific things that you will have to do before you start the actual surgery. At first, you will have to get the surgery zone clear of the infection, and for that you will have in the inventory of the surgery room special treatments like sterile water, benzens and lidocaine which will make your work easier. After that, using the tools, you will have to pick one by one each objects that is going to be stuck in the surgery field. After that, you will have to start using the sharp knife to start the incision and make sure that you are very precies. There will be a line that you will have to trace to start the incision, and once you did, you have to take apart the skin and make a big hole for the surgery.

The brain surgery is only one type of surgeries that you could do here on our website, because the characters and princesses from our website are playing in different places where they can get hurt, get infections or just get sick. You will see that they will often have broken bones, so you will find a lot of foot surgery or leg surgery games ready for you to play, different arm or hand surgery games, in which you have to heal their bones. The ear surgery games that you will find will most likely be infection related ones, so that the characters are in a lot of pain and have trouble hearing. Another popular game is the eye surgery and the nose surgery games, in which you will see that you have to be very fast and concentrated in order for your pacient to not lose their sight or sens of smell. Have fun!

What is a surgeon?

A doctor that is trained to do surgeries for different health issues.

Are there different types of surgeons?

Yes, there's a general surgeon, a brain surgeon an orthopedic surgeon and a heart surgeon.

Which are the most difficult surgeries to do?

Heart and brain surgeries.

What do surgeons use to cut people open?

A special knife called scalpel. Which is small and very sharp.

Do surgeons perform surgeries alone?

No, there are surgeries that need multiple doctors and multiple nurses.

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