Bad Weather Activities for Kids

Bad Weather Activities for Kids

Kids get bored fast and parents know this. Playing games online is one good way to keep them entertained and busy, but it is not the only solution. Because the coming of spring also means a good number of rainy days, it’s worth creating a plan of activities meant to keep kids indoors while providing parents a good dose of relaxation. If you need some inspiration for these particular days, also looking for sources of games online free of charge, then you need to read the ideas we’ve prepared for you. The lines below will give you plenty of options to choose from so that your kids won’t get bored or engaged in unwanted activities.

Create an obstacle course

Children have a rich imagination, so it is easy to improve something with items you have around the house. For instance, you can create an obstacle course, if you have a bit of available room. Using pillows and cushions, and even a bit of white tape if it can be easily removed afterward, you can come up with an interesting and safe obstacle course. Children will love jumping and running around it. This option will give them the chance to burn their energy and do something fun as well.

Let them enjoy some games online

There probably isn’t a child out there who doesn’t enjoy playing games online. Parents don’t have trouble convincing children to play online games but to stop playing them so much. If a schedule is discussed and agreed upon together with the child, games online for kids can be great ways for them to learn new things. There are even games online for girls so that the entire family can enjoy the benefit of playing educational games on the Internet. You just need to find a reliable source of games online for kids and select the games that are most suitable for the age of your child.

Pretend you’re out camping

Even if games online can provide countless entertainment hours, it is recommended for kids to enjoy other kinds of activities as well. For instance, you can make a tent out of chairs and blankets, and pretend you’re all out camping in the woods. You can add to the story by giving kids some marshmallows, which they can pretend to be roasting on an imaginary fire. Children love playing in a tent, even if it an improvised tent.

Go on a treasure hunt

Have your children close their eyes so you can proceed to hide pennies in several spots around the house. When you’re done, tell your kids to start looking for the treasure. The more focused and dedicated they will be, the richer they will get, as they’ll manage to find more pennies. If the game turns difficult for the kids, you can help them out with a drawn map. This can be helpful especially if the kids are young and don’t have spatial awareness developed too well just yet.

Enjoy an indoor snowball fight

We’re not talking about bringing real snow inside the house, of course. Instead, you can use pieces of paper or newspaper to make some fake snowballs that you can use. The kids will love the activity, plus it is very easy to clean once you’re bored. Rolled-up socks can also be used, as they are softer. Just make sure to play in an area where things don’t risk getting broken. A flying “snowball” can easily hit small items and cause them to fall and break if they are fragile. So, safety above everything.

Engage the entire family in puzzle making

Making puzzles can be a great way to bond and spend quality time as a family indoors. Are you worried that your kids are too small for puzzles? Well, even young children can make puzzles if they get some helps from adults. Of course, make sure to go for puzzles that have a smaller number of puzzles. For instance, a 500 pieces puzzle is enough to make things interesting and keep everyone busy for a while. If the puzzle is too large and it takes more time for the image to be revealed, kids can lose their patience. So, if you want to try out puzzles, choose smaller and simpler ones.

Science experiments for older children

Older children can be picky when it comes to entertaining activities and might always prefer playing games online. Still, you can keep them engaged if you allow them to do some science experiments at home. Every kitchen and pantry can provide a wide range of items that can be used for this kind of experiment. For example, they can create a lava lamp by using an empty plastic bottle, some vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and fizzing tablets. The Internet is a great source of inspiration when it comes to science experiments that can be easily achieved at home.

Allow them to enjoy a long bubble bath

Kids love bubble baths, so a cold rainy day can be the ideal excuse to allow them to enjoy longer bubble baths. Just make sure to check the water’s temperature from time to time, making sure it is still warm enough. Also, give your child the chance to play with some toys as well, as this will make the entire experience more entertaining. Who knows, maybe the little one will take a nap after such a long and relaxing bubble bath.

Make foam castles

Making foam castles will be an interesting yet entertaining activity for your children. But you may need to stock up with a few cans of shaving foam, as this is the raw material used by the kids for their artistic creations. Of course, to keep the house tidy and clean, tell your kids to make the castles inside the bathtub. This way, you can wash everything out once they’re done playing.

Enjoy a picnic on the floor

Bear in mind that kids have a rich imagination, so playing pretend is always a good idea when you want to keep them busy. Laying a blanket in the middle of their room for a picnic session is a great way to entertain your kids while giving them the chance to enjoy snacks. Take a basket, if you have one, and place bowls with various snacks you may have in the kitchen. Put the basket on the blanket and let the picnic party begin.