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Star Wars BB 8 Jump Game

It's time for us to continue today's fun activities with more new games from all of your favorite categories that our site owns, as we have arrived at this very special one with the fun characters from Star Wars. If you kids are here then you must be such big fans of the Star Wars cartoons and category, and we are so happy about that, because they do have such a great story and we are thrilled to have the ability to offer you such an amazing category. If you kids are here, then it surely must be because you want to meet BB 8, a droid from the Star Wars The Force Awakens, and you are going to have to help it jump as high as possible on these moving platforms. It's very important to correctly guide the droid with your mouse and do not let it fall, or else you will lose all your efforts. Good luck1


You can also read the instructions that Star Wars BB 8 Jump are given in the game and follow them carefully!

Star Wars BB 8 Jump Star Wars BB 8 Jump

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