Upcoming 2020 Cartoon Movies

Upcoming 2020 Cartoon Movies There are a lot of new stories that are about to come up in 2020, and we want to stay on top of them right from the beginning, so you will see that we started to bring on different articles that get's you up to speed on the latest Disney stories, Cartoon Network stories or the best Movies that are already popular movies already on movie theaters, online or on TV, and have sequals coming out in 2020.
This is going to bring up amazing stories like Despicable Me with the Minions that has a new movie coming out in 2020, the Trolls with princess Poppy that also has a new 2020 movie, Scooby Doo will also have a 2020 remake, the How To Train Your Dragon story, the Frozen 2 movie with Disney princesses, the Croods, Spongebob, Sonic X, Peter Rabbit, Bob's Burgers. These are just a few stories that we are going to continue to talk about, but this new article will try to cover all of the best cartoons, comic books and famous superhero movies that are about to have a 2020 remake or even brand new movie for the kids to look at and try out the new 2020 games that are about to appear for you guys to play for free online.
Because children all around the world enter our website, we want you boys and girls to see which are the latest movies, cartoons or series that are about to hit the cinemas in your country, so even if the movie is in Japan, Russia, England or the US, we are going to talk about it, and you will be able to read the story of your next favorite movies.


We are going to start with a brand new movie from Disney and Pixar, which is called Onward. This is going to be a very special story filled with magic adventures and magic creatures as the main characters.

The Onward movie has already premiered in the United States on March 6, and it was a real success, because the story of the two brothers that will have a magic adventure really made an impact between the kids all ages, and even on the adults that watched the movie amoung their sons or daugthers, and that made the Onward movie to be one of the blockbusters in March, even though it was live just for a short period of time due to the 2020 pandemic problems that brought closing of movie teathers around the world.

For you to really enjoy the Onward story, you should read the plot and try to figure out if the Onward movie can be something that you would really watch and if the Onward games will be something that you would consider. Inside this new Disney story, the characters will be magical creatures that will act like human beings, but they live in a small town that is very advanced technology wise, and that will make cars, houses and gadges look a lot more sci-fi than we are used to seeing in 2020 even in the big cities like New York, Shanghai, Paris or Hong Kong.

Because the world is very advanced, they found out that they can bring magic into the mix and know from early ages how to control magic, so magicians, wizzards and witches are not something rare or hidden in mythical books. The main character of the Onward story will be Ian Lightfoot, who will be a teenage elf which has an older borther named Barley. They both live in the city of new Mushroomton with their mom, because their father Wilden, died a long time ago, so Ian didn't had the chance to meet him while he was growing up, and that might be the cause of his low self confidence. Ian and Barley's mom name is Laurel.

The movies starts with the day of Ian's sixteen birthday, when his mom Laurel gives him a very special present that his father Wilden left him before he died: a magical staff, a letter with a very important spell, a rare gem and even a magic wand that Ian can use. The letter has a spell which can help Ian and Barley bring their dad back to life for one day, but Ian got too excited, and when he did the spell, something went wrong, and they managed to bring Wilden back, but not entirely. Wilden got resurrected but just half of him, and sadly it's the lower half so he will be showing only his legs, leaving Ian and Barley to try and solve the problem, which will start their Onward adventure.

The entire Disney story relies on Ian's desire to meet his father for the first time, because Barley got the opportunity to spend a few years with him before he died, and he is always telling Ian stories about their dad, and even though they never met, Ian loves his father very much, and so he is doing his best to try and bring him back to life, even for just one day and try to learn as many things about him as possible.

Because they have only one day to get it right, Ian and Barley runned from home in order to find another magic gem that can help them finish their spell and revive their dad entirely. Once thei start the adventure, the Disney characters will get into all kinds of trouble, because even though magic is accepted in the future Disney world, it still has dark sides, and so the places that Ian and Barley will have to visit in order to gather leads for the remaining magic gem will be pretty scary and nothing that the two are used to in their normal lifes. Ian and Barley will visit the Manticore Tavern, where they heard that there's a monster that might have a map to the gem. Corey, is a secondary character in the story which now own the Manticore Tavern, that she transformed into a restaurnt, that she accidentally sets on fire among with the gem map.

Even though the map burned down, Ian and Barley managed to get a hint and starts their adventure into finding the gem and start the spell once again and try to revive the second half of their dad. Because she is worried that her boys might be in danger, Laurel tries to go on their steps, and she is going to also go on the same adventure but a few steps back until she manages to catch up with her boys, which tell her what they were doing all day long, and why they runned away from home without any notice.


Scooby Doo is an icon cartoon for the 1990 years and the 2000 years generations that watched Cartoon Network on their TVs, and in 2020 after Boomerang started a new Scooby Doo cartoon series, you will be able to watch in cinemas the 2020 Scoob movie, which is going to look amazing.

Even though there are two different other Scooby Doo movies with real human characters and a real big dane dog as Scooby Doo, the 2020 Scoob movie is going to be an animated cartoon which we are sure that you will love, because it's very well done and it's going to look amazing and it will bring new scary and funny adventures with the Scooby Doo gang that you all kids my already know as the mystery crew that roams all around the country and they stumble uppon misteries with ghosts, monsters, zombies or skeletons that terror the people, and they try to solve the mistery, even though Scooby Doo is always affraid.

The new Scoob movie is going to star with new charaters among the mystery gang. You will see that the classic characters like Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne or Fred are still going to be present, but in this new story, you can see that there's going to be a superhero that is joinging the gang with his own crew. The Blue Falcon is going to join the mystery gang, and you might all know the Blue Falcon superhero from his own tv series and Blue Falcon comic books, in which dear kids he has his own Scooby Doo like character, because the Blue Falcon's sidekick is a robot dog that helps him in all of his adventures.

The Scoob movie is about to go live in cinemas on May 15 - 2020, so make sure that you loo out of the Scoob online games that we are going to publish for you guys right here on our website before that happens.


The first Trolls movie from Disney was a real success, been watched by over 100 million times all over the world and it made princess Poppy one of the most popular cartoon charcters in the world due to her nice songs and beautiful personality which never gave up on her new friend, which lost his color being the only grey Troll character in the Disney world, and so she stood by his side and sing and dancerd for him throughout the movie, which made him gain hope again and feel love, and that made him regain his color and so the entire Trolls world was saved by the two characters that brought love and happiness to the magic land.

In the new Trolls World Tour you dear kids can see that Poppy and Branch found out after saving their Trolls world that they are not the only Trolls species in the magic relm, so they went exploring the other species and try to make contact, but Poppy and Branch had a real suprise when they got to meet with all six other kinds of Trolls, that are very different than them, even though they look aproximately the same. All Trolls species will still be colorful and full of joy, but they will have different personalities and love different types of music, which came to a shock for Poppy and Branch.

You will see inside the Trolls World Tour movie that there will be rock and roll Trolls, classical music Trolls, Pop Rock Trolls, Rap Trolls, Funk Trolls and Smooth Jaz Trolls, which will be dressed accordingly. The differences between the Trolls species will be made by the clothes and music genre that they love and live by, so you will see how interesting this new diversity of Trolls will be while you watch the Trolls World Tour movie in 2020.

The Pop Trolls will be very hip and have a specific style of outfits, and even though thei are colorful, they will have a pop hairstyle with special colors and even matching shoes and special designs of their clothes and accessories so that they can bling and start dancing with the beat that they hear from the pop music that runs through their veins.

The Funk Trolls are another type of characters that Poppy and Branch will meet through the World Tour, and you can see that they love funk music, which is much noisier than other types of music, and their outfits will resemble their personality as well, so you can see a lot of black and purple wild clothes and make up on the Trolls characters that live in the Funk world.

The Classical Trolls are going to be very elegant, having very well combed hairstyles, elegant and fashion clothes like suits and long puffy dresses for the girls and boys that sing and dance to classical music like Beethoven or Bach.

The Techno Trolls are filled with energy due to their loud and energetic songs and music that have a lot of beats combined, because dear kids most of the Techno music plays in clubs and you will see that it can make you loose control, which will be the effect every time on the Techno Trolls characters when they start to sing and dance in the Trolls World Tour movie.

The Country Trolls will be very different than any other Trolls characters that you have seen before, because they are in love with slow and meaning music that comes from the heart, and they will be mostly dressed in shirts with square patterns, jumpsuits and have hai cowboy hats and might even have the classical straw in the corner of their mouth if they are really excentric.

The last type of new Trolls that Poppy and Branch will meet with in the Trolls World Tour are the Rock Trolls, which are considered the bad Trolls, because of their music and the way they dress. The Rock Trolls will have rock clothes which are always black, made from leather and even have black make up and crazy hairstyles that make them stand out in any Trolls crowd.

All the Trolls are going to go through a real adventure, and Poppy and Branch need your help, because dear kids the Rock Trolls will have a plan to destroy all other types of music and Trolls species, so they will have to ally with the other Trolls in order to work together and destroy their plans, making sure that the Trolls music off all kinds, even rock will still be able to survive together. Watch the Trolls World Tour movie and see how it ends, and we are sure that princess Poppy and Branch will make a lot of new friends through the Trolls.

The game publisher Sega, created the first Sonic X games, that afterwards became very popular among kids all around the world, and it was innevitable for a series to start, and it did on Jetix that after that turned into Disney Channel all around the world.

The popularity of Sonic only went up, and now in 2020 the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is announced to appear in February 14 in 2020 in America. You will see that this is going to be a new action and adventure cartoon movie that is very modern and very interesting made, which will show Sonci a with an amazing speed and awesome visual effects that we are sure that you will love, like the lights when Sonic will run or the portals that will teleport sonic when he reaches speed of light.

For those of you that are too young to have seen the Sonic X series or played the Sonic X games on your nintendo devices, you will see that Sonic is a blue hedgehoc characters that has the ability to run faster than any animal or superhero that you know, and that's how he got the name of Sonic, being able to reach supersonic speeds and even speed of light. The movie that we try to sum up will be very interesting and you will manage to see how much fun you will have looking at Sonic's latest adventure.

The hedgehog got from his guardian, Longlaw the Owl a bag of rings that give him the ability to travel through powerfull portals between planets, and using one of the rings, Sonic went to Earth, where he lived for ten years, but he gets very lonely. Sonic's friends the sheriff of the town and his wife moved to San Francisco, and that made Sonic be even more lonely, and that's when the troubles start for Sonic in this new movie. He is going to be very sad because he was left all alone, and started running and supersonic speed to try to feel better, but his supersonic speed was detected by a scientist which got the mission to track the energy source, and so the hunt for Sonic has started.

The name of the scientist and robot builder is Dcotor Robotnik, and he took his mission very serious, and shortly managed to find Sonic, which tried to hide in the Wachowskis' shed, when he got shot with a tranquilizer gun. When Sonic got tranquilized, his bag of rings transported through a portal to San Francisco. Tom agreed to help Sonic continue to hide from Robotnik and try to find the rings and keep them safe. Trough the adventure and trying to capture sonic, the evil doctor managed to find out the entire power of Sonic, and he managed to capture a little bit of his powers, and he started using it to create fast robots, but that made him only want to capture Sonic more and more.

Because Robotnik captured a little of Sonic's powers, the blue hedgehog started to loose his strength and speed day by day, so they need to get his powers back from the evil scientist. In the middle of the movie, you will see that a big battle started between Sonic and Robotnik and all of his robots, and you will see how hard it will be for Sonic which is chased around the world by the robots. The blue superhero is going to reach at the end of his power, but Tom will have his back, helping him have time to revive and get his powers back, and that will be the real boost that Sonic is going to need and make sure that he will destroy all the Robotnik's creations that uses his power, and at the end Sonic will defeat the evil scientist and regain his power, and once he will be 100% of his abiltiies, he will start gathering the rings and try to keep planet earth safe.


Everybody knows the Minions from Despicable Me, because there have been three different movies made with the story of Gru and the Minions, but in 2020 there's a new Minions Rise of the Gru movie that is about to appear, which will be a sequal for the 2015 Minions movie, in which all of Gru's Minions resigned of helping Gru in his lab, and tought that they can make it on their own in the real world, and start their own lab, but that didn't worked as they tought and they returned to Gru's laboratory.

This new Minions Rise of Gru is going to be a new story that will take us back in time, in the middle of the year 1970, when Gru is just twelve years old, and lives in the suburbs like any other kid that has high dreams of the world.

Even from a fragile age, Gru loved villains and the villain world, so his heroes where a group of villains called Vicious 6, and you will see that Gru loved to make plans even since he was 12, he tried to become a supervillain in order to join the Vicious 6, but his plan does not go very well, and that will start Gru's very first adventure with villains and he is going to need all the help he needs, because nothing is going as planned for Gru, which will be the trademark of the villain through all the Despicable Me and Minions movies.

Gru got a chance to enter the Vicious 6 villain crew when they fired their leader Wild Knuckles, which got his name due to his fighting abilities and his very powerpuff knuckes when he punches his adveraries. Gru got an interview to become one of the Vicious 6, but the villains didn't think that he is old enough or even evil enough to be part of this exclusive crew, and Gru got very upset and tried to show the villains that he is very evil, and so he stole different evil objects from their villain hideout, and you will see how they all turned on Gru, and try to defeat his little alliance with their former leader, Wild Knuckels which Gru contacted in order to get some help.

Even though Gru is just a12 years old boy, he managed to keep pace with the villains and their plans, and you will see how much fun Gru will have in his little villain adventures throughout the Minions: Rise of Gru movie which is perfect to watch for kids all ages, and you will even see how many interesting 2020 Minions games and 2020 Despicable Me games for kids we re going to start to publish once we are close to the movie being live in cinemas.

We are sure that you are anxious to see which of the Minions are going to appear inside this nw movie, but all we can say is that Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto will be by Gru's side on all corners, and you will see that even they, will be babies just like Gru, and that will make them even funnier and cuter to look at.

The vicious 6 villain crew will be composed by Belle Bottom, the second leader of the group after Wild Knuckels got kicked out of the Vicious 6. Master Chow, Jean Clawed, Nunchuck, Svengeance, Strongold will also be in the Vicious 6, and you will see how Gru will take battles and missions against them once he failes the interview and steals from the villains.