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The Trolls are little creatures filled of happiness, and that is seen in their appearance, because the Trolls are unique in their looks. The characters are very colorful, they love to dance, party and sing, so the story and games that you are going to play are going to be singing challenges, dancing challenges and girly makeovers for all the little Trolls.

Fun challenges are ready to appear on our website, and a new story is about to bring joy and music into your lives. This is the new Trolls games category, in which you are going to meet with amazing new little characters that are little Trolls very colorful, are very fun, in love with music and you are going to see all of these things inside each and every one of the games that we are going to start posting inside this new category.

These Trolls live in small communities into a magic realm, and they are all very happy and amazing because their life is relying on good energy, and you will see that if the Trolls are not happy, it’s not going to end well. Some of their good energy is coming from all the singing that they are doing, and you can see that you can learn new songs, new music tunes and a lot of new things about Trolls and magical creatures and magical worlds.

The start of the Trolls musicals

This new story started in 2016, and it’s an awesome animated cartoon musical story, and you can see that it’s going to be a lot of fun to learn the new story of the Trolls, and start to try each and every one of the Trolls games that you can see only here on our website. The Trolls have been created in 2016 by DreamWorks Animation, which is a very popular company. The entire story started to be popular in America due to the Trolls dolls that have been very popular in each and every one of the toy stores, and the girls all around America bought the dolls in bulk, and that made the little girls and boys characters started to be more popular than ever, so the new Trolls movie started to go into production, and it appeared in October 2016 in Cinemas all around America, and after that all around the world, where it was a big success, and you will see that after the original Trolls movie, there’s a second musical movie started in production, and in 2020, the Trolls Rock and Roll movie started to appear, and the new movie has a great success even through the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Trolls are popular even due to the people that were voices for the colorful Trolls, and some of these voices were Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel or the famous singer, Gwen Stefani. The main characters of the story are going to be two different trolls, that want to save their village, which you will see that is going to be sadder and sadder, which impacts the village very hard, and you will see that the Trolls are going to be attacked by the Bergens and they feed on the happy Trolls throughout the story.

You will see that the little characters are going to beverly colorful, happy, they love to sing, dane and their favorite activity is to give hugs to the other Trolls in the village. Their life was simple and very happy, until one they, when their nation and village at the same time were discovered by the Bergens, their enemies since that day, because they survive solely by eating the Trolls whole, and you can see that once they see that the Bergens are approaching, the Trolls are instantly hiding, closing all the lights and the music so the Bergens do not find any of the Trolls while they hunt and so the villagers will all survive a new day. Because they consider the Trolls a delicatesse, all the Trolls that are captured are kept in a cage, and they eat only one per year.

You are going to start to learn new characters like Princes Gistle Jr, which is the son of King Gistle, are two of the characters from the Bergens, and today, you will see that two of the Trolls maked sure that they can escape the cage and survive as much as possible, and by the end of this new challenges, you can see that the Trolls are going to have a great time and go though each and every one of the adventures. The adventure is going to really start 20 years later from that escape, because the king’s baby girl is all grown up, and you will see that she is called princess Poppy, and she is going to be one of the main characters, and she is going to appear a lot inside the movie.

Pick inside the plot

Once princess Poppy is all grown up, you can see that she loves music, and you dear kids can see that she is throwing a very big party to show everybody that they do not have to live in fear over the Bergens, but you can see that the party is going to have a lot of lights in different colors and you can see how much noise princess Poppy is going to have at the party, and that is going to attract the Bergens to that sight, and the Trolls will have to be very careful and make sure that they will manage to hide at the right time in order for the Trolls to not be captured by the Bergens. Poppy is in love with one of the Trolls from her village, and that is the zen Troll named Creek, which is going to be captured while the princess’ party was going on, and the princess wants to start a new adventure and make sure that she can save the love of her life, Creek from the hand of the Bergens.

Princess Poppy is very brave and she started in the adventure of rescuing the captured Trolls, and that made her get into a lot of trouble, and she was nearly got in a near death experience by trying to rescue the Trolls, but she was saved herself by Branch, one of the most grumpy Trolls inside the story. Branch is grey, not like the other Trolls that are very colorful, and that’s because he is depressed and very down, which is not going to be the case with any other troll character. You dear kids can see that inside this new story, Poppy’s main mission is going to be to make Branch happy again, because he is not dancing, not singing and not having any fun with the other Trolls, and you can have a great time playing with all of your friends while helping the little characters.

Poppy and Bunch arrive together in the Bergen Town, where the new King Gristle Jr is getting ready to eat all of their friends from the Trolls town, and Creek is going to be still being held hostage, and the two Trolls are going to get the Bergens character that is guarding Creek and the other Trolls. You can see that the guard is going to be a female character, and her name will be Bridget. She is in love with the Gristle Jr King, and Poppy made a deal with her to make sure that she can get a date with the king in exchange for all the Trolls to be free from the cages, and try to escape the Bergen town.For Bridget to be ready for her date with the king, she needs to perform and have a great show for him, and you can see that Poppy wants to train her, but Branch refuses to dance, and sing with them through the training.

That made Poppy very sad, and the two main characters get into an argument, during which Branch confesses that he stopped singing, dancing and having fun since a party that he had brought the Bergens to the party and his best friend got caught and eaten by the big trolls. Due to that failure in life, Branch lost his original color, which was a very light blue, and he turned into the gray that he is going to appear inside the story that you watch at TV or in cinemas.

Colour the little Trolls

Because Poppy saw how bad her new friend feels about the situation that happened a long time ago, she tries to comfort him with a hug, and because they fought a lot, they almost got caught by the Bergens, so they decided to disguise Bridget as a Troll. Bridget and the King manage to go on their date, and you dear kids can see that the Trolls are going to try and save Creek while they are on the date, and they thought that Creek was held hostage inside a jewel, but they found that it was empty and their search adventure has to continue, and that will make this amazing story with the Trolls even more interesting. Through their search, you can see that Poppy and all the other Trolls in the rescue party are getting caught by the Chef, which is that Creek saved himself a while back, but in order for him to escape, he betrayed all the Trolls, and now the entire village is in danger.

The end of the story is very dramatic, because the Bergen Chef character managed to find the Trolls village and they are all trapped and captured, but Poppy and Branch managed to elude the Bergens, so they are watching how everybody is captured and already placed into the pot. Poppy is getting sadder and sadder, and so are the rest of the Trolls, while they see how death is near and that the Bergens are going to eat them shortly, they are all depressed and just like Branch, they start to lose their colors, including princess Poppy, but all is about to change when something very interesting happened.

Because they spent so much time together, Branch realised that he is starting to have feelings for princess Poppy, but he knows that she is in love with Creek, and is conflicted about what he is supposed to do, but in order for him to save Poppy and all the other Trolls, he decided to start singing again even though he decided not to do that ever again, and dance at the same time, which is going to impress princess Poppy, and all the other Trolls that lost faith, and they got their colors back even though they were in great danger, and that’s when they all started to have faith again, and a new adventure starts in the story and they start to work together to escape the Bergen Chef’s pot.

Is Trolls on Netflix?

No, Netflix has not published the Trolls movie on their platform.

Is Trolls a Disney movie?

No, Disney did not produce Trolls, the movie is made by Dreamworks Animation.

Who is the main character of the Trolls movie?

There are two main characters in Trolls, but princess Poppy is the most popular of the Trolls.

Is there a second Trolls movie?

Yes, a new Trolls movie is in cinemas and on TV, and it's all about a rock camp.

How does princess Poppy look?

Princess Poppy is a cute little pink Trolls character, with a cute ballerina dress.

Who is Poppy's best friend?

Of course, Branch is considered not only Poppy's love, but her best friend as well.