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The 44 Cats story from Nickelodeon has started to become very popular because of all the songs that the little cats has composed and sing amoung the largest stages of the world, and starting from today you and the 44 Cats can concert together and see which can be your favorite adventures while on tour with these little rock stars. Here you can find the 44 Cats challenges and adventures with cats, humans and other animals that you will play with, help finish their missions and see how you can become friends fast.

Today dear children you can see that here on games-kids.com we are bringing amazing games and new categories filled with cute little adventures that you can play with all your friends and with new characters. Today dear friends, you can see that we are bringing for you a new online games category called 44 Cats! This is going to be brand new category here on our website and it's coming from the Nickelodeon world so already some of you might have seen the 44 Cats cartoons on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr and love them already and waiting anxiously for the 44 Cats games that we are going to start publishing starting with today. You can see that this new category will be filled with animals, because the main characters of this new Nickelodeon story are going to be cats from different species and colors which we are sure that you will love and make friends with even from the first 44 Cats game that you will find and play here on our website. The 44 Cats is an italian story called 44 Gatti if you are playing from Italy here on our website, we are sure that you know the story and that you are going to start and look for you favorite characters from the 44 Cats story on Nickelodeon. All the 44 Cats characters are happy, full of life and energy and that's the perfect combination for us to bring here on our amazing games with animals and especially cats that you can find and play for free online on your phones and tablets. Not all the 44 Cats characters are girls, so there are not going to be cat dress up games and cat hairstyle games for girls that you can play, and you will be able to find 44 Cats games for boys and kids in general, in which you will have to solve puzzles, solve mysteries, with all the 44 Cats characters, and you will see how much fun you can have with all the humans, cats, dogs, parrots, birds and even wild animals that you will meet with in this new 44 Cats category that we have just published. The 44 Cats characters that you will play with the most of the times are Lampo, Milady, Pilou, Meatball and Boss, which you can see that are the main characters and even a few of the secondary ones, and you will see that they will be present in most of the stories and challenges that we are going to prepare here on our website. For you to know more about our new characters, we are preparing a short description of each and every one of them, and so you can see from before which one of the 44 Cats characters can become your favorite. Lambo is the lead singer of the Buffycats, because the 44 Cats is just a band of singing cats that you will be able to hear here on our website. Become a real artist with the 44 Cats and try to sing on the main stages of stadiums and festivals all over the world. Lampo is a tabby cat, and has a distinctiv blue lighting symbol that will make him noticeable from all the other 44 Cats very fast. Milady is the guitar base singer of the band, and she can turn her fur pink when somebody lies near her. Pilou is the drummer of the Buffycats and she has eyes that could cast spells on whoever looks deep in them. Meatball is the keyboard player in the band and he has the ability to sense danger that is near. We are sure that know that you know so much about the 44 Cats characters, here on games-kids.com you will continue searching for all the Nickelodeon games with the little singing cats that we have just started publishing, and this will become fast one of your favorite. Stay tunned for many other new games categories like the 44 Cats right here on our website. Have fun!


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