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Amigo Pancho is a fun and interesting logic and adventure games category, in which Amigo Puncho is the main character, a little mexican man which has adventures prepared for you to play for free.

We are bringing for you dear friends new games categories every day here on, in which we are sure that you can make new friends and can finish all the adventures in the shortest time. The adventures on our website are attractive and full with items, people and characters that you can meet and play with only here on our website. Today, the Amigo Pancho games category is arriving here on our website and you can play fun logic and adventure games that you can play for free. This is a new online logic games category, in which the awesome Amigo Pancho! He is a fun and interesting mexican man that has his own show, and today he is bringing for you the funniest games with Amigo Pancho right here on our website. You dear friends have the chance to meet for the first time with Amigo Pancho here on our website, and he is bringing for you fun logic games with mexicans. In this game Amigo Pancho is trying to finish different types of adventures, which you can see that all will have the same thing in comun. Amigo Pancho will not walk, or run through the adventures, he will be floating by the help of balloons, and for that you have to be very careful and make sure that you can help Amigo Pancho go through all his special adventures without loosing any balloons. You have to make sure that you can help him think all of his moves, because it’s not going to be easy to close paths, to move around objects to protect Amigo Pancho, and we are sure that you and Amigo Pancho will have a great time and you will see more fun games with Amigo Pancho online on our website that you can play with friends. Some of the Amigo Pancho games are going to be 2 player games, so be advised and keep a friend close all the time when you look for the Amigo Pancho games here on our website. We are sure that this new Amigo Pancho games category is going to be your favorite in short time, and so points and fun will be just around the corner. Play our Amigo Pancho games, and we are going to bring fun games categories that you can play for free. Have fun!