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What are Amphibia Games?

Follow our path through the Disney Amphibia world, where Anne got stuck with young Sprig Plantar. They both will start fighting against the the toad people and try to win the war, as you can see inside the Amphibia Locust Pocus.

Disney Channel has done it again, and they came up with a new TV series that all the kids all over the world can watch and starting from today, play amazing games for free online right here on our website. We are publishing the Amphibia games category right here on our website, and you dear kids can see how much fun you can have with all the characters, starring the 13 year old Anne Boonchuy, that is ready to play amazing adventure games, girly challenges and special ability games that you can find inside the Amphibia games category.

The true Amphibia

We all know that one of your favorite TV channels is Disney Channel, Disney XD or Disney Junior, and so we are doing our best for you to have your favorite characters from the best Disney stories in the most exciting online games that you will manage to play on your phones and tablets, and starting from today, you will see that we managed to bring for you the Amphibia games category, in which you will find boys games, puzzle games, girl games and even special challenges and adventures with your favorite new Disney Channel characters from the Amphibia story.

For all of you that didn't got the chance to see any of the Amphibia TV series episodes on Disney Channel, you can see that we have prepared for you a very interesting sum up of the series, and even of the online games that we are going to start playing together. Amphibia as you know by now, is a Disney animated cartoon, in which the characters and the entire movie is made on a computer, so that the characters are not human, and you will see that might have even special powers and you will meet with creatures, interesting Amphibia worlds where you can make new friends and where you can see how brave you really are.

The first Amphibia episode aired on June 17 - 2019 on the DisneyNow TV channel, but you can even watch the series on YouTube, because the Disney Youtube channel is very popular on the platform, and you will see that the Amphibia story has a special category even there, not only here on our free online games website. Because it was such a hit, and Amphibia become more and more popular, after the first seasons ended, all the kids wanted to continue watch the story of the Amphibia world, so the story got a second season which is about to air in 2020 on DisneyNow and on Youtube.

The entire story created by Disney is a new fantasy plot, in which the characters have magic powers, they travel through different worlds, see different magic creatures and even bugs that could talk, and of couse they will not be grouse, and you will manage to watch them all without any problem and be amazed by the andventures of Anne Boonchuy, the main character of the story.

We are sure that you will are ready to dive in directly in the Amphibia games category here on our website, but before you do, take a few seconds and have a glimpse of this description, and you will see how you will get to know the Disney characters better, make new friends, and even see all the episodes in amazing little games and little challenges in which you and Anne will solve misteries, have special missions and magic adventures.

Dive into the Amphibia adventure story

All the American children used to love to read comic books, and starting from today, you will manage to find out which can be the very latest comic book scenario here on our website, because dear kids you will see that the Amphibia characters, Amphibia world and all the Amphibia environments are going to have a comic book like feel and look, so we are sure that you will have a great time playing all the Amphibia 2020 games that we have started to gather for you right here on our website.

Now that you know ina few words how the Amphibia world looks, we are sure that you are even more exciting about this new story that has a little character and see how she is going to look as cute as possible for a 13 year old girl. Anne Boonchuy is her name, and she is the very first Thailand - America mix of character, and for that she is going to look different than any other girl character from any other Disney story. Anne's life is anything but blunt, because she is filled of adventures, and all becomes more interesting once she stole a mysterious music box on the day of her birthday.

Why is the music box mysterious you ask yourselfs? It's mysterious because it has magic powers that Anne does not really know how to control, but you can see that she got transported to Amphibia, the magic world where you will see that all the smaller animals are larg and  anthropormorphic frogs. The entire world of Amphibia is just an island, shaped as a lilypad, and all the island is a mashland which looks a lot like a swamp, where the frogs will feel like home.

In Amphibia, Anne is alone and she feels very scared, because it's not looking like home, there are large creatures, big animals and big frogs as humans, and that is very unusual for her, but she will not be alone for long, because dear kids you can see that Anne is going to meet with a 10 year old frog named Sprig Plantar, which knows Amphibia pretty well, so he is going to be Anne's guide, but just like Anne, Sprig Plantar is filled of adventures and special missions, so they meeting, it's just an act of faith for new Disney adventures in which you will just make new friends, and even learn interesting fun facts about frogs, plants or swamps.

Because he is young, Sprig Plantar is not on his own, so for the very first time, Anne Boonchuy is going to make a true friend in a magic world, and he is going to be a frog. Sprig lives with his frog family in Amphibia, and Anne is going to stay with them during the entire series, and you will see that they will start becoming best friends, and they consider each other brother and sister, which helps Anne see how much you can love a friend even if they look different and live somewhere else than your city or country.

Now that you learned what is Amphibia, it's time for you to go deeper inside the story, learn the characters, find the adventures, finish all the missions and you will see how much fun you can have with Anne and Sprig Plantar.

Deeper and deeper in Amphibia

During all the Amphibia games and each and every one of the Amphibia episodes on Disney Now, you dear kids will see for the first time if you didn't had any Biology classes in school or kindergarten, because there will be two different type of animals in the Amphibia world, and Anne will become the hero that manages to save the species through her adventures and missions that of course, her and Sprig Plantar will be the main artists.

As we said, Amphibia is a very special world, and it's not all honey and milk, because dear kids you can see that Anne arrived during a little war between the two frog species in Amphibia, and Sprig Plantar's family and friends are constantly under attack by the toad people of Toad Tower, one of the little villages in Amphibia. The toad people are commanded and ruled by Captain Grime which you will meet with as soone as we start posting the Amphibia games in 2020, which you will be able to play on your phones and tablets for free online.

Sprig Plantar with his family and with Anne, are living in Wartwood, and as we said, they are living under the fear that their homes might be destroyed, torched and stolen from the toad people from the Toad Tower. You will see that Anne is a brave little girl, and even though she is in a different world without her parents and friends, she has the courage to stand for her rights, and for her new frog family's safety, so she got engaged in the frog war against the toad people.

You and the characters will have special frog adventure games, interesting action challenges, fighting games, and new online animal games for kids that you can play and try to win as many points as possible, because dear kids it's going to be the only way that you will be able to help Anne and Sprig to win the war, and you will see how much fun you will have helping the frog people from Amphibia finish all the puzzles and riddles that might appear during the war against the toad people.

The Amphibia frog people war

We already said that Anne Boonchuy is the main character, and she is a mix of american and thai, but you do not know that she is very adventuroes and rarely gets scared when found in difficult situations, so you can see that she will not back down frm any fight against the Toad Tower toad people, and you will be just by her side during the entire war, if you start to play all the Amphibia games here on our website.

Sprig Plantar is one of the frog people characters that Anne is trying to help, because he is just a ten year old boy that she has befriended, and he even took Anne home to live with his family while in Amphibia.

Hopadiah Hop Hop Plantar is Sprig's grandfather. He is 68 years old, and if you started watching the Amphibia series, you seen how harsh, traditional, stric and overprotective he can become. Hopadiah Plantar is the one who provides most for his family, and he is doing that by farming the land near their home in Wartwood.

Polly Plantar is Sprig's pollywog sister, whoe always moves around inside a bucket, and that means that she doesn't always manage to move by herself, so she is carried around by Anne, Sprig, or Hop Hop.

These are just a few of the characters, and they are the most important ones, because it's mostly Anne's new family in Amphibia, and you will see that each and every one of the characters will be ready to appear with individual games and special challenges that you will finish together.

Prepare yourself for fun adventures and missions to destroy the attacks of the Toad people, and so Anne will be happy in Amphibia, and might even try to go home back from the Disney world, and who knows, she might even be able to do that in Amphibia season 2 that is planned to appear in 2020 on Disney Now.

What is Amphibia?

Amphibia is a very interesting island shaped as a lilypad.

How do you get to Amphibia?

You can get to Amphibia only with the help of a magic music box.

Who lives in Amphibia?

Frog people and giant versions of smaller animals live in Amphibia.

Who is the main character of the Amphibia story?

Anne Boonchuy is the main character of the Disney Amphibia story.

Is Anne safe in Amphibia?

Anne is not safe since she arrived in Amphibia, because there's a war between the frog people going on.

Who is Anne's best friend?

Anne befriended one of the frog people, his name is Sprg Plantar and he is 10 years old.

Which are Anne's and Sprig's enemies?

Anne and Sprig will get involved in the war between the frog people and the toad people.

What species are the people from Amphibia?

The Amphibia

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