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What are Angelo Rules Games online?

The entire Angelo Rules cast is preparing amazing adventures, 3D games and educational challenges like the Lola Funny Treats, Angelo Mega Skate which is a 3D skateboarding game, or the Angelo Fast Lane Runabout.

We are making sure that our website keeps up with the new episodes of the stories around the world that you watch on TV, so you can find today a fresh games category called Angelo Rules, in which you will see that there will be a lot of fun games for children that are all ages, from 3 years old to 15 years old, everybody can find a match in their preferences through the Angelo Rules games category, because the games are very diverse.

Angelo doesn't really obey rules

The Angelo Rules games category is published here on our website due to one of the most interesting cartoon for children, which is even educational in most of the episodes, because there are  a lot of actions and activities in the Angelo Rules episodes that are happening in Angelo's school, and you will see that he needs help with math, learning letters, creating sentences and even playing in the yard with his classmates.

Angelo Rules has become a very popular series and we are sure that most of the children here on our website seen at least one episode of the 3 seasons series and it was just renewed with a 4th season, so stay tuned for the even more games with Angelo Rules characters and funny stories.

For all the boys and girls on our website that do not know the Angelo Rules cartoon, we are going to present for you a short description of all the episodes, characters and adventures that you can find in our games, and so stay with us, read the description and start looking for the games that got your attention while you started reading the entire story of Angelo Rules.

Starting from today, you will manage to learn more and more about the struggles of an 11 year old boy, which tries to be a regular kid, going to school, learning new things, being cute, playing with his friends, hanging out with his family playing the best games and having fun in school.

Angelo as you already figured out is the main character, and he needs help in school and at home. He is a very curious 11 year old boy, and you can see that he is very popular due to his mind. Angelo is always being caught trying to con people, having a lot of strategies that helps him get out of sticky situations, he is able to talk himself out of trouble even when he is guilty, and he can work around any problem, trying to flip the situation in his favor.

The world of Angelo Rules

As we said before, Angelo Rules is not a 2020 story, but the 4th season is getting ready to be live in 2020. The very first season of the Angelo Rules story was in 2010, and it begin with the Deteion Ca Box Yakking It up episode on January 1st, which had a pretty big impact online, and you can see that Angelo has become one of the popular 11 year old characters from most of the stories that are live now.

Due to his charisma, Angelo is making a lot of new friends in each adventure, but his best friends titles go to Sherwood and Lola, which you can see that need help in their own adventures, where Angelo never hesitates to get involved and try to lean a hand and make sure that his friends are happy and having a great time solving tests, puzzles and even quizzes.

The very first season of the Angelo Rules story was a very big hit, and the kids that watched the show saw themselves a lot in the main character, so they immediately loved the show. Angelo has become more popular in Australia than anywhere else, and you will see that season 2 started in 2016 with a new bunch of adventures. Angelo is always bringing little educational games wherever he goes, he is going to have a lot of quiz challenge, with strategy questions, general information questions, math and literature questions, but most important questions about the Angelo Rules story and games.

With Angelo, you dear kids will be able to go through different stages of the games. Make sure that you will use the mouse properly, because 90% of the Angelo Rules games are played using the mouse. You will see that we are going to prepare for you several match 3 games, puzzle games, memory games, coloring books, differences challenges and even small Angelo Rules racing games or 3D challenges.

The other 10% of the Angelo Rules games are going to be played using the A, S, W, D or the ARROW keys, which are the default controls of the adventure games or the driving cars, motorcycles, trucks or trains that Angelo will prepare here on our website.

Rules made by Angelo

As we already told you guys, Angelo is very smart, and his mind works faster than the most of us, and you can see that once you start playing the Angelo Rules 2020 games here on our website, where you and Angelo can have a great time playing these new adventures and these new challenges on your phones and tablets.

Most of the games are going to be educational and ability games for boys and girls, and you will see that Angelo will always want to have the highest score, and you will have to challenge his skills by trying to defeat his scores and making sure that in the shortest time, you will finish each game and start the next one and tell us in the comments section which of the Angelo Rules games are your favorite.

The entire Angelo Rules pool of games are going to be very interesting, and you dear children can see that Lola, Angelo and Sherwood will be the main characters in most of them.

One of the favorite things that Angelo is doing is skate with his friends, and this is a very special 3D challenge that you can play in the Angelo Mega Skate game that is already live here on our website, and you will have to keep Angelo safe while he is riding his skateboard, try to make sure that you will manage to do several stuns and see how in this new challenge, you and Angelo will reach the end for the levels while on the skateboard.

Other challenges with the characters are ready here on our website, and you can see that inside the Lola's Funny Treats game, in which dear kids you will see that all three main characters are ready, and present, so you have to be sure that you can create the best treats for all the kids on our website, and you can see that you will be able to have a great time and after that, you will cook many other recipes and there many other 2020 cooking games for kids will continue to appear inside the Angelo Rules category.

While you scroll through the category in search for the best Angelo Rules game, you will find the Angelo Fast Lane Runabout, which will be another 3D challenge, in which Angelo is the main character, and he is going to need guidance to run through special paths and at the same time stay safe while he is going to try to collect as many golden stars as possible.

You dear children can find inside this new category many other games like Angelo vs the Test, Help Angelo or the Angelo Paper Plane World Record, and they can be all played for free on your phones and tablets right here on Start searching for these new adventures by typing Angelo, Angelo Rules or just Angelo Rules games 2020 on google or directly on our website, and you are just once click away to play the funniest games with Angelo and his friends. Have fun!

Who is Angelo?

Angelo is a 11 year old boy that is very smar and full of fun facts.

What games can we play with Angelo?

Angelo has many educational and kindergarten games for kids ready to be played.

What's Angelo's favorite thing to do?

Angelo loves to ride his skateboard.

Who is Angelo's best friend?

Angelo doesn't have only 1 best friend, he has two, Lola and Sherwood.

Where are the Angelo Rules games take place?

Most of the Angelo Rules games take place in his school or on the streets of the neighbourhood.

How are most of the game from the Angelo Rules category played?

Almost all of the Angelo Rules free online games are being played using the mouse.

Where can we find the 2020 Angelo Rules games?

The easiest way to find the 2020 Angelo Rules games are entering the Angelo Rules category or just typing Angelo on the browser or the search tab.


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