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What are Angry Granny Games?

This time the new category of games that we have to offer is with the character from a smartphone or android game, with Angry Granny. We know that you love to play all the games that we have for you and now is the perfect moment to offer you the category of games with Angry Granny and offer you in it all the existing online games with her.

Some of the most interesting games for kids are right here! We are bringing for you guys the brand new Angry Granny games which are extremely popular here on our website, where you will see that each and every one of the 3D adventures for boys and girls are going to be free to play, on all of your available devices. The Angry Granny games from our website are going to be very interesting, because each and every one of them are going to be 3D games, in which you will see one character that needs help to gain as many points as possible.

The main character of the Angry Granny games category is going to be like the title says! An Angry Granny, is the main character, and you will see that the 3D games will more or less have the same rules and the same controls. Inside these challenges that we are going to bring for you inside the Angry Granny games category, you will have to use the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys on the keyboard in order to control the 3D avatar.

Each and every one of the 3D games from this category is going to be free to play, and you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to have the highest score of the challenge. In order to gain points, you will have to be very careful and very fast, because the adventures prepared in each and every one of the 3D adventure, in which you will have to move left or right in order to defeat the records, because as far as you are playing, the bigger your points will be.

Run or avoid

The main mission in the Angry Granny games, is to survive for as long as possible. It’s not going to be easy to do that, because dear kids you will see that inside the 3D games, you have to be sure that in the shortest time, you can avoid each and every one of the obstacles in your way. The 3D games are going to be very interesting, because each challenge or game is going to have a different theme or city in which the action of the adventure is going to take place.

You will be able to travel the world through the Angry Granny games and see what’s the architecture on the streets on some of the most popular cities in the world, such as Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Rome in Italy, Paris in France or New York in the US! All of these cities are going to be available in the 3D adventure games for you to try right here on our website. The rules of each and every one of the Angry Gran Run games or Angry Granny games are going to be the same, and you will see that the mission that you have to pass is the same one: survive the streets of the 3D city as much as possible, and you will have the highest score.

Your 3D avatar is going to run through the streets of the city, and you dear kids will see that there are going to be even special tokens or golden coins, and that will assure you guys an extra income of points while you are playing! The Angry Granny games are also going to look the same, as the 3D avatar for the games is going to look more or less the same.

You will see that she is always going to have a long brown skirt, a black top, a pearl necklace, small heels, of course she is going to have glasses and an old lady hairstyle, with her hair locked in a bun. Even though she is a grandma, the main character is going to be pretty fast, and you will see that she is going to run as fast as possible during the entire 3D game, and you have to focus on keeping her safe during the entire time. There are going to be a lot of obstacles, depending on the city you are in, but most common are roadblocks, traffic cones and even metro stations that you will have to avoid moving left or right, and the traffic cones or roadblocks can be jumped over and you will be safe until you find new ones.

Also, you will see that the street might turn a corner to the left or right, so you have to make sure that you turn the right way. You will see that there are going to be two available directions that you can take, left or right, but one of the choices might be blocked, so running full speed, you have to make sure that the street you turned on is not blocked by a traffic cone, because it will make the Angry Granny character to stumble and fall, which will lead to game over, and you will lose your points, having to start all over again from 0.

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