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This new category for example is dedicated to your friends from the animated tv show the Backyardigans. Because we really care about you, we want you to have as many games as we can, new games in which you will have alot of fun with as many characters as we can offer you and that is why we would like you to have all the games with the characters from the Backyardigans.

A new Nickelodeon story is making it’s way on our website. Today, the new Backyardigans games are appearing right here on our website, and you dear children can see how many interesting and fun challenges are ready to appear right here on our website, and play them for free. It’s a lot of fun, because the Backyardigans are reaching to have some of the most exciting challenges. All the online Backyardigans games for kids on our website are free to play, and you will see how as fast as possible, you can find them and start to play them even on your computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

This is a brand new Nickelodeon story in which you can have a great time, because the story is very popular on Nickelodeon. This is a computer-animated series, which is more of a musical than a series, and it’s going to rely on the life of little animal characters, that are friends, neighbors and co-hosts of this musical show that started on Nickelodeon. The series has four Backyardigans seasons with over 80 episodes that the kids can watch on TV or even online! You will see that each adventure with the Backyardigans animals are going to be free to play here on our website, and they will all be different throughout the category, so that you can have a great time playing them for free.

It's going to be a great time, because you will see that the little animals are all going to be different, they will have different stories on their own, different personalities and you will see how much fun you can have playing each and every one the new Backyardigans games online, in which you can learn more about each and every one of the characters! The episodes will all start different, because each Backyardigans episode on Nickelodeon will have a different theme and subject, so the music will be different, based on the new Backyardigans adventures that are going to appear right here in our brand new Backyardigans games category.

Life on the farm

Some of the most interesting animal series is the Backyardigans! This new Nickelodeon series is going to bring forward some of the most interesting animals and their adventures on the farm. You guys need to know which are the main characters of the story, and see what types of animals you guys are going to meet with inside the Backyardigans games. All the story is going to show you is the life of different types of animals on the farm. Their name is Unique, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin. They are all going to live together in a farmhouse, where they have a very big backyard, and that’s where the name of the show is coming from, the Backyardigans.

All the Nickelodeon episodes with the Backyardigans start the same way. You will see tham all gather in the backyard, and start to imagine a new adventure with new settings and new characters even, and then is when the Backyardigans adventure games start. The main characters inside this new Backyardigans games category are all going to be different, and you will see that there’s an elk character, a penguin character, a hippo character, a pink-spotted creature, that is not necessarily an animal and a purple kangaroo. Different animals mean different stories and adventures, so we are sure that you will have a great time, and the Backyardigans games will show them all to you.

It's going to be a lot of fun playing the Backyardigans games, in which you can see that you will be there at every step with the Backyardigans characters! We have prepared for you guys plenty of challenges, in which the main characters are going to need your help. The Backyardigans games are easy to be played, because the rules are going to be easy to understand and follow, and the controls will be also easy to use. Most of the online Backyardigans games that can be found in this new category are going to use the MOUSE as the main controls. In this scenario, you dear kids will have to be sure that in the shortest time, based on your mission, you will be able to defeat the challenges by clicking the correct buttons in order to trigger the wanted action throughout the games. There are also going to be Backyardigans adventure games, in which you will have to use the ARROW keys on the keyboard as your main control, and you will see that it will help you to better control your animal avatar.

Fun in the backyard

It’s going to be a great time for kids all over the world to access the new online Backyardigans games here on our website, because dear kids they will all be free to play, and all you will need to start playing Backyardigans challenges is internet connection. You can see how new challenges with animals that you love are appearing, and for you to have even more fun, you can see that there are brand new games and new characters that you can meet with.

One of these Backyardigans characters is Uniqua! She is going to appear in all four seasons of the Backyardigans on Nickelodeon. For you to know her, you need to learn how she looks: Uniqua is one of the non animal characters of the story! She is a creature more than an animal, and she is going to have pink skin, and dots all over her body. She is one of the fearless characters of the story, and you will see that she is always ready for a new adventure. Curiosity is going to bring her one step closer to starting these adventures, and so she is going to be present in all of them, which can make her one of your favorite characters of this new Nickelodeon series.

Pablo is the second character you are going to meet with in these online Backyardigans games that you will love. The little animals will always prepare special challenges, and Pablo is going to be the little blue penguin character that tends to overreact in the adventures. When Pablo is scared, you will notice. He is always going to wear a blue bow tie and a benie. Pablo often has panic attacks during the adventures, so he is going to need your help and guidance in order for him to reach the end of the challenges and start earning points in the adventures.

Tyrone is the third character of the series! He is going to be the orange moose of the story. He is going to wear a jumper regardless of the temperature outside. The jumper is also going to be orange, and it will have blue stripes, so that you know that it’s Tyrone wearing it. Besides his orange skin and orange jumper, you will recognize Tyrone due to his moose horns and red short between them. Unlike Pablo, Tyrone is always going to be very calm and easy going even through the toughest adventures that the little animals are going to start going through right here on our website.

Another character you will meet with is of course Tasha! She is going to be a strong-willed hippopotamus. She will have yellow skin, which is a little unlikely for a hippo, and she is going to always have a short orange dress with flowers on it. Tasha is the serious character of the Nickelodeon series called Backyardigans, and you will see that in each adventure, Tasha is going to be the one who will always have a plan prepared for the animal characters to follow, and you will see how helpful it will be to follow that plan through the adventures, so that the animals will reach the finish line safe and sound.

Where can we watch The Backyardigans?

The series aired on Nickelodeon.

Are the main characters human?

No, all characters in the Backyardigans are animals or monsters/creatures.

How many main characters the Backyardigans has?

There are five main characters: Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin.

Is Uniqua an animal?

No, she is a pink spotted creature.

How many The Backyardigans seasons are there?


When was the last season aired on Nickelodeon?

The last season was aired in 2013.