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The new category that we have to offer is with the characters from the animated serie from nickelodeon, known as Barnyard.

As we promised, we are back with a brand new category of games created especially for you, our dearest friends. is a website that dedicates all his time to make you happy and to offer you all the funny games with your favourite characters. The new category that we have to offer is with the characters from the animated serie from nickelodeon, known as Barnyard. We try really hard to offer you the best online games but because we want to make things easier for you we offer you this new and fun game, a new game in which the main characters would like you to join them and have some fun together. In this new category we will offer you some detail about the characters so that you can have a more fun experience while playing the games, knowing the characters much better. The serie centers around Otis, the main character of the serie, and his barnyard friends. Otis wants only to wonder around, but he has to beand act responsible and protect the inhabitants of the Barnyard as it is his duty. He and his friends Pip the mouse, Abby the cow, Pig, Freddy the ferret, Peck the rooster, Duke the sheepdog, and Bessy the cow have many crazy adventures together, while at the same time help Otis protect the farm from the Coyoties, who want to eat the animals from the farm. When he was young, Otis was constantly bullied by Krauser Krebs, who would beat him up and squeeze the milk out of his udders. Afterwards, Otis grew up and made friends with the other animals, becoming more confident. Otis is acrually an intelligent, fun-loving, friendly and adventurous cow who knows how to work guitars, cell phones, and microphones, which shows us that he loves technology. Instead of having strict rules, he would rather mess around and have fun with his best friends and not take responsabilities, until one day, when the coyoties wanted to take over the farm and eat all the animals , and Otis has to make something to protect them. Otis becomes a great leader and defender of the farm, and he gets to be respected by all the animals and in the same time having fun with his friends like old times. We are all happy to offer you this new category and all the games that are with the characters from it and we want you to try each one of them and give us your opinion. Otis and the other animals from the Barnyard will have for you all types of games , all of the fun. Join us on every day and explore each category that we have, playing all the games you like, as they are all offered especially for you!