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This new and beautiful category that we have to offer to you is with the characters from the well known serie Bibi and Tina.

Get ready as we offer you another new category for today. is trying really hard to offer you some of the best online categories of games, new games in which we are sure you will have a lot of fun playing with know characters or new characters. We try to offer you new categories every time we have the chance, new categories in which you can play and have fun with your favourite characters. This new category that we have decided to offer to you next is a new and beautiful online category in which you will have alot of fun playing with some of your favourite characters. We know just how much you like to spend your time with us and we appreciate that , so we bring you every day new reasons to play our games, to visit our games website every time you have the chance and have alot of fun with us. This new and beautiful category that we have to offer to you is with the characters from the well known serie Bibi and Tina. Because you have for now games with Bibi Blocksberg, we decided that it is better to bring you the category with games from the serie Bibi and Tina. In this category we will offer you all the online games with the characters and we hope that you will love to play all of the games we have for you. The serie has as mein characters the girls who give the name to the serie, Bibi and Tina. Bibi Blocksberg is a girl with special powers: she is a witch. With her best friend Tina brings her summer holidays at the riding school. Together the girls are riding every day. But this summer there are quite a few problems. Such is the beautiful but unreliable Sophia. Bibi enjoys spending the time and the riding school with her friend Tina and tries to act as normal as she can. They have adventures together, ride their horses and compete together. From time to time they have some misunderstanding and they argue, but in the end they realize how much they care for each other and they go back to being best friends. You will be surprise by the number of wonderful games this category has to offer to you with the characters, so we are sure that you will have a lot of fun playing with your friends. This new category is a special one in which you will get to know Bibi and Tina better by playing the games they have for you, games of all types in which you will compete with them, go in adventures, play logical games and so one. Do not miss a single game with your friends from this new category that we have for you and have a lot of fun , here on the best games website ever!

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