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There are plenty of little animals that love to make new friends, and the Book Hungry Bears are bringing new coloring books, cooking books and plenty of awesome challenges for kids that are very educational.

Big smart animals

Here is the place where you guys can meet with awesome little stories! Today, a new category is upon us, and it's called Book Hungry Bears! We are sure that plenty of you children already know the TV series that appeared in 2020, and which was already watched by millions of kids all ages, and we are sure that once you enter our brand new Book Hungry Bears games here on our website, you will fall in love with the story, the animal characters, and each and every one of the little games that you can play for free online.

This is an awesome category, in which you will soon learn which are the main characters, if you love the animals that you are going to play with, and which will be the main books that you kids can start reading, and what awesome new things you can learn from them. There are 4 main bears inside the story, and you will see that each of them will love a different type of literature, even though they will all be for kids.

Book Hungry Bears is a series that appeared in 2020, it can be watched on TV, and it already has a full season released. We want you to love the Book Hungry Bears free online games that we have prepared for you, so you can stay tunned, start playing the little animal challenges that they have prepared for you, and the second season will be upon us soon enough.

The category is filled with the latest online games for kids, and they can be easily played even on your mobile phones or tablets! The Book Hungry Bears games are free to play, you can access them online, and you will see that the controls are easy to understand.

One bear, one book

Of course, books are meant to be read, and you will see how each night, the little Book Hungry Bears animals are bringing for you guys a new story that you can read together. Not only at bed time, but the little bears love to share their books with each other, and starting from now on, once you enter the category, they will start sharing the children's book with you guys. Each and every one of he Book Hungry Bears episodes that you can see on TV is going to show you a new adventure! A book adventure, in which the bears are going to start looking for rare children's books, and you can go on these adventures once you start playing the Book Hungry Bears adventure games from our website.

The books are going to be amazing, and boys and girls together will be able to enjoy them. There will be prepared plenty of amazing little girly books with dolls, princesses and even cooking books in which you can learn little recipes for children. You learned the first time of book that the Book Hungry Bears have prepared for you. Curious about the second type? Of course we are with a second book, and we are sure that you will love it.

The entire story of the Book Hungry Bears is going to happen in a magical world, where the bears can speak, they will walk like humans, and we are sure that you will love playing the online Book Hungry Bears games. You will see that there's going to be a grizly bear, a polar bear, a koala bear and a panda bear! These are the main characters, and they are waiting for you guys to play with them for free inside the new Book Hungry Bears games here on our website.

Bear fashion

We already told you children that this category is filled with suprrises, and that it's magical, because books are also filled with magic. Inside this new story, you will see that each and every one of bear characters will be easily recognised because of their species, but there's another catch! The bears will be dressed differently, so you can spot them easier, and see which one of the Book Hungry Bears can become your best friend.

You can see that Boomer - the brown bear is going to be dressed in casual clothes! He will have a red hoodie, and blue pants, so that you guys can recognise him easier. Melody is the name of the panda bear, and you guys will see that she is going to have an orange jumpsuit and a red shirt underneath. Of course, she is going to be all white, and have black spots, which is default for a panda bear. Crystal is the polar bear who loves reading, and she is going to wear a blue blazer and blue pants so that she can stay warm while she reads.

The last of the Book Hungry Bears characters is Scout! He is the koala bear which is the biggest sharer of all the bears, and he always likes to be very comfortable when he reads. Now that you know all the characters and which are all their traits, we are sure that you are going to love even more our new Book Hungry Bears games here on our website.

There is nothing left for us to tell you kids before you start looking for the Book Hungry Bears games here on our website. You will see how many interesting little challenges for boys and girls you can try out, and that you can play them all on your computers, laptops or phones! While playing on your computers, all the Book Hungry Bears coloring games, Book Hungry Bears adventure games, the new Book Hungry Bears cooking games or Book Hungry Bears girl games can be played easily using your MOUSE as the main control, and the adventure or action challenges, you will play using the ARROW keys. Have fun!

Is Book Hunry Bears a movie?

No, this is a TV series.

How many seasons does Book Hungry Bears have?

There's already a full season released.

How many main characters does this story have?

There are four main characters in the story.

Are all characters bears?

No, there are plenty of animals in the series, but the main characters are bears.

What kinds of bears can we find in this series?

A koala, a brown bear, a polar bear and a panda bear.