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What are Boss Baby Games?

Boss Baby Games is a new and fun movie the main characters is a seven years old boy who got jealous on his little baby brother. Boss Baby games are fun and interesting, in which babies are the main characters. Baby Corp is not as effectiv, due to the Boss Baby adventures in which he tries to defeat all the Puppy Corp enemies, which need to steal the baby formula in order for the babies to be regular babies.

Not everybody knows that kids rule the world, but starting from today on, you will see that Boss Baby games are going to be ready for you to be played for free here on our website, where you will see that baby based games are going to be released every day of the week, and in which you will manage to make a lot of new baby friends. The Boss Baby story is a fiction 3D animated story that still runs on Netflix and which you can watch for free, in which a Baby runs an entire baby company that is global and from which each family gets the baby they deserve.

The real Boss Baby

The entire story of the Boss Baby is explained by Tim Templeton, of the main characters of the games and the Netflix movie, and you will see that it all comes around a baby that one day arrives at his front door in a taxi, and from that day on, the baby becomes his little brother. Tim is just 7 years old, and he lives with his mom and dad named Janice and Ted. The two kids do not really get along, because Tim is feeling a little left out, because he himself is just a baby but a little grown, but his new baby brother starts to get all the attention in the house, and you can see how much they could have as brothers, but Tim and the boss baby start on a wrong foot, so you can see that they will argue and Tim will consider him the enemy for a little while.

The Boss Baby is not an ordinary one, which Tim will find out the hard way, because he started investigating the Boss Baby while he sleeps, he eats, he takes a bath, he plays or just lays in bed and play with Tim's mom. He will find fast that the Boss Baby acts different than an ordinary baby would, and that he can talk pretty good for a baby, and he can even come out with special plans for future adventurs that the two boys will have in the Boss Baby games. Once he found out his secret, Tim tried to talk to his parents and even friends about the baby's ability to talk, but nobody beleleived him, so Tim took the matter in his own hands, and recorded a conversation between the Boss Baby and one of the othe babies from the "Baby Company", which even came at his house for a baby meeting, because the Boss Baby is not just a nickname, Tim's little brother runs the entire company, even though he is just a toddler.

Because Tim got into trouble, you will see that the Boss Baby wants to give him the proverbial olive branch, and once he finds out the Tim got grounded because of him, Boss Baby wanted to show him the entire truth. Tim sucks on a pacifier which has magic powers, and gets him to the Baby Corp Industries, which is the entire building and the entire baby world controlled by babies and where from all the babies in the world come from.

The Baby race is in trouble, because dear friends you can see that they are passed day by day by puppies, which are more and more loved by their owners, and that's one of the main reasons why people stopped having babies. Tim's parrents live at Puppy Corp, the rivals of Baby Corp, and so Boss Baby wanted to infiltrate the firm and see what's their secretd, and once he understood the bigger picture, Tim decided to help the Boss Baby learn more things about the puppies, so they have started a series of adventures which you can see inside all the baby games, adventures games, boys games and even fighting games against all the animals, dogs, cats and other domestic animals that people have around the house and which started to work for Puppy Corp.

Continue loving Boss Baby

Once Boss Baby and Tim started to form a team, things are great at home, and the two characters become very good friends and treat themselves like family, so you have to make sure that you will manage to help them get pass their biggest adventures, which will be to destroy Puppy Corp's plans to make people stop loving babies.

A big party is about to start at Puppy Corp, and Tim will go with his baby brother because their parents work at the big company that makes the cutest puppies for people all around the globe. You can see that Boss Baby learns that the CEO of Puppy Corp is one of former Boss Corp' presidents, and one of BB or Boss Baby's mentors. Pupp Corp is runned by Francis E Francis, and you will learn that he left Baby Corp after her started medlelling with the famous baby formula, which keeps babies small and making them fit to live in the baby world, even though they are smart and know how to do things like a real grown up person.

Francis E. Francis has an evil plan, because he made the baby formula stop working properly, so that all the babies will start growing and make sure that in this new challenge will be able to help Boss Baby and Tim get back the formula and see how they will be able to return together in Baby Corp. The formula is important because it's not only keeping the babies in a baby size, but it makes the babies from Baby corp very smart, so Boss Baby will continue to need his formula in order to defeat Francis E. Francis to succeed with his plan, so Tim wants to help him even though Boss Baby starts to transform into a real baby that doesn't even know how to walk or talk.

The biggest action and adventure inside the Boss Baby category is going to be the final battle between Boss Baby, Tim and Francis E. Francis, so you have to make sure that inside all of the games that you can play on your phones and tablets you will be able to gain a lot of points, because you will have to be sure that in the shortest time, you will have a great time fighting against Francis E. Francis by solving puzzles, memory games, coloring books and see how you can finish all the adventures and have a great time playing with the Boss Baby.

Not all babies are a Boss Baby

The Boss Baby movies is filled with characters that are animals such as dog puppies, babies, kids of all ages, adults and other animals, and you can see that they will all have names and a specific role in each adventure and in the story's timeline.

Two of the main characters of this new story are going to be Boss Baby, which didn't got a basic name like Ben, Arnold or Raul and his bigger brother Tim, which is a seven year old boy which at the beginning didn't liked Boss Baby, but at the end of the movie, you will see how good they get along.

Boss Baby is a baby at size, but he has a brilliant mind inside that brain, so you can see how he will be able to run the entire Baby Corp and be a very good baby agent until they manage to defeat the Puppy Corp mastermind, with the help of his brother Tim.

Ted Templeton and Janice Templeton are going to be the mother and father of the story, and they are very important, because they are the link of Boss Baby and the entire family, because they both work at Puppy Corp, where Boss Baby wants to enter and steal secrets of all the puppy love going around in the world.

Francis E. Francis is the nemesis of the babies in this new movie, because dear kids he is a former Baby Corp president, and you will have to make sure that you will help Boss Baby defeat him in all of the games that we are going to prepare for you. Francis E Fracins is the leader in the Puppy Corp.

Jimbo, Story Bear, Triplets, Staci or the Big Boss Baby are other characters that are considered secundary in the story, but they appear in many other scenes and many of the baby games right here on our website, and you will have a great time playing all the challenges from the Boss Baby games category.

The baby stories

Because this is a baby category, Tim and the Boss Baby are ready for you with a lot of fun and interesting games that you can play together on your phones or tablets, and you will see which are the best games !

Baby Boss Coloring Book is a very creative game, in which Boss Baby has prepared for you special coloring pictures, and you can see how much fun you can have using your mouse and all the colors in order to fill the coloring pictures. Boss Baby Candy Shooter is a ability challenge, in which you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to have a great time, because this is a new Candy Shooter game in which Boss Baby has prepared for you special candy that you will have to destroy blasting with your mouse. Boss Baby Math Quiz is a new game for girls and boys, in which you have to solve different math problems and see how much fun you can have adding up or dividing.

What is Baby Corp?

Baby Corp is a big industry with babies, runned by babies and which makes babies.

Why did Boss Baby come to Tim's house?

Boss Baby came to Tim's house because his parrents work for Puppy Corp.

How does Boss Baby usually dress?

Boss Baby is not dressed as an ordinary kid, and you will see that he always wants to wear a suit.

Is it easy for Boss Baby to communicate with Tim?

It's very easy, because Boss Baby can talk like a grownup.

How si Boss Baby that smart?

All of the Baby Corp babies drink baby formula that keeps them smart.

Who is Boss Baby's nemesis?

Boss Baby's nemesis turns out to be his idol!

What's the reason that made Boss Baby come to Earth?

Babies are not as loved as they used to be.

Why do Tim and Boss Baby need to defeat Francis?

Francis ruined the baby formula, and it's properties are not the same.

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