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This new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the serie Boyster.

What are Boyster Games?

Join us in our new category of games and have a lot of fun, while our administrative team is offering you new and beautiful online games, new games in which we are sure that you will have a lot of fun. This new category that we have for you is dedicated to the characters from the serie Boyster. Here we want to offer you as many new games as possible with your friends. The games that we have to offer are all fun and beautiful games and we are sure that you will loved them. Slowly our number of categories grows bigger and bigger and we love to see that and to see that you play our games every day, which is exactly why we continue offering new categories and even more new games. In this category you get to know the characters from the serie Boyster better by playing the games that we have to offer. Boyster, the main character of the serie, is not an ordinary 11-year old kid, because he is half-oyster and half-human and he was raised by his human parents along with his brother, Shleby, a giant talking shell which can fly. Boyster has some weird super powers that make him super stretchy, give him night vision, allow him to control streams of water, as well as some not so super powers such as inky snot and fishy sweat which makes some kids laught at him. Sweet and smart, Boyster has a crush on Alicia, on of his freinds. Alicia is the daughter of mega rich parents, but she tries to be as normal as possible. She is passionate about art and loves nothing more than painting pictures of her beloved cat, Vanilla, which is like her best friend. Shelby is Boyster’s shell and brother, a complete strange being who is Boyster’s weird, intelligent yet slightly awkward twin brother who can fly and do other things. Shelby loves to watch TV, and has learnt everything he knows from watching it, some good , some bad. Rafik is Boyster’s best friend, and the only friend that knows his secret, that he is only half hyman and that he has super powers. He’s a playful kid who loves to have fun, whatever the situation, and he is always there for his best friend. He is a bit of a fantasist, loves making a drama out of any situation and he often finds things funny even if they’re not, which kind of makes him weird, but we are not surprised of this, especially because he is friend with Boyster. In this new category with Boyster that we have to offer, we invite you to join us and have a lot of fun playing all the games that we have to offer especially for you, our dearest friends!

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