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This time the new category that we have for you is dedicated to the dolls from Bratz and we want to offer you all the existing games with them!

The girls on our website always have opportunities to meet with new characters and play new awesome games! Today, you will see that there are new challenges ready for you to try inside the Bratz games category, which is fresh and just published here on our website. Inside this new category, you will meet a lot of new characters with different personalities and who need your help to look amazing, because the main characters are cute little dolls that want to always be in trend. The new Bratz games online category is going to be especially for girls because the characters that you will meet are all going to be Bratz dolls.

The first appearance of a Bratz doll was in 2001, and you will see that these are just like the Barbie dolls that you all know, and the girly characters and dolls will always want to be fashionable, have the cutest outfits, the coolest clothes, makeup, hairstyles and accessories, and you, dear kids, will see that, once you start browsing through the Bratz category, you will manage to find the perfect fit! Bratz appeared in America in 2001, and they are fashion dolls, created by Carter Bryant from MGA Entertainment, as he wanted all the girls in the US and all over the world to have an affordable doll that they can play with. As you can see, they look just like the Barbie dolls that each girl wanted to have in their home.

You will see that the original Bratz dolls were four different types of dolls, and they were all 10-inch dolls (which is around 25 cm), and they were released in different stores in the USA on May 21, 2001. The name of the Bratz dolls first released were Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha (they kept them in the Bratz games online), and you will see that they will have almost exotic looks attributed to them because they will have almond-shaped eyes, different skin tones and they will have default makeup applied, so that they look as cute as possible from the beginning. This means that your job to dress-up the Bratz dolls in fashion ways will be even easier, and we are sure that you will manage to have a great time playing with each and every one of them, because here on our website, inside this new category of Bratz games, we will have for you more than 100 games with the Bratz dolls that you can try out and see which is your favorite!

A specific thing that Bratz dolls will always have is glossy lips because you will see that the cute dolls will want to be fashion divas, so they will be ready for any pageant or any fashion show they stumble upon. For that, you, dear kids, will see that you can try for free each and every one of the fashion challenges with the Bratz dolls here on our website. You will have quick access to plenty of fashion Bratz games with dolls, and all you have to do is to have a wifi connection, and you will see that the games we present can be played for free even on your mobile phones, laptops, computers or tablets!

Bratz dolls

Because the dolls became more and more popular in the USA, you will soon learn that the Bratz industry grew bigger and bigger with each year they were on the market, and since the first Bratz dolls appeared on the shelves of toy stores all over the country, they went over the border to Canada, and soon afterward, Asia, Europe, and even Africa! This great expansion of the company included different stories like Bratz Kidz, Bratz Boys, Bratz Babyz, and Bratzillaz, which overall started a TV Show and a video game, which you will of course manage to see right here inside the Bratz games category. You will see that each and every one of the doll characters from the show will be present in our free online games and that even different types of spinoffs from the video games will be also available for you to play anywhere you are, if you have an Internet connection.

It's very obvious that this new Bratz games category has been created mostly for girls, and you will see that in each challenge, you will find something that you like because the Bratz games will not only be dress-up challenges, make-up challenges, hairstyle or spa, but there's going to be multiple levels, and each level can have a challenge of its own, and you will be able to help the Bratz characters to look amazing after each challenge that you finish! It's going to be a lot of fun because this is going to be a new category in which you can make new friends and finish all the challenges with a new Bratz doll friend.

To finish these new Bratz games, you, dear kids, will have to know which are the main types of games, and where you can meet with your favorite doll characters. Inside this new category, you, dear kids, will see that there will be plenty of Bratz puzzles that you can solve. You will see that inside all the girly challenges on our website, you will have to use the same controls. For you to start the game, you will have to use the MOUSE if you are playing on the computer or on your laptop, and you have to click on the play button. Inside the puzzle challenges, there will be different pieces that complete the Bratz pictures that you can see only inside these games. You have to take them piece by piece and see how much fun you can have placing them in the right spot to have a complete picture, and there will always be new challenges waiting for you, guys!

There are going to be different coloring Bratz games online, in which, using the MOUSE, you will see that you have to open the coloring book and start to use different colors in different areas of the picture so that you will manage to fill up the entire page. You will see that the Bratz coloring pictures inside the book will be different on each level, and you, dear kids, will even have to help different characters complete the coloring book. Memory games are also available in this Bratz games online category, and your mission will be to help the Bratz dolls have a great time. You will see that there's going to be a default number of memory cards with the Bratz characters in each level, and with as few moves as possible, you have to match the memory pictures with each other, so that you will be rewarded with points!

We are sure that you will have a great time because, dear kids, the Bratz girls will have for you a lot of spa challenges, in which you will go to the spa salon with the dolls, and you will have to help them take a shower, have a bubble bath, and have some spa treatments. There will be different skin treatments that you can help the Bratz dolls take before the game ends, and you have to be sure that you can create the perfect creams, treatments, and even cures or medicine that the dolls can apply to their skin and their problems will be solved. Besides going to the spa, you, dear kids, will see that you can go on a lot of shopping sprees with the dolls, in which you will visit different types of clothing stores and you can create awesome outfits for each and every one of the Bratz dolls.

Makeovers are very important for any doll, and you can see that the Bratz characters will be ready with awesome themes that you have to follow, and we are sure that the girls will look amazing. Vacations, concerts, summer, spring, winter, autumn, or even farming, all of these will be themes that you will have to follow for the doll's makeovers, and if you do a great job with these Bratz games, other dolls like Barbie will need your help to change their style and looks too! Through makeovers, you will see that there will be plenty of levels for you to try, and each level will be a different challenge! You will have to go through a dress-up level, a makeup level, a hairstyle level, and a shoe level, in which you have to do great, look at the outfits through your fashion designer's eye, so that the Bratz dolls will look amazing and ready for new challenges for you to try together. Have fun!

What are the Bratz characters?

Bratz is a line of dolls created for girls in the United States.

How many original Bratz dolls are there?

Bratz doll first appeared in just 4 designs.

What do the Bratz characters look like?

Bratz dolls have a lot of glitter, almondy eyes, and different types of hair.

What are the majority of Bratz games about?

There will be a lot of dress-up and makeover games available.