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This time we have decided to surprise you and offer you the newest category with games Bunk’D , serie that is about to get aired on Disney.

We are more than happy to be able to offer you some new and amazing online games. Our administrative team has decided that now is the right time for a new and fun online category of games. As we have promised, we are back with more new categories to offer and we invite you to play the games that are inside them. This time we have decided to surprise you and offer you the newest category with games Bunk’D , serie that is about to get aired on Disney. This new serie called Bunk’d will have it’s own category on our website and in this category we will make sure you have all the existing online games. The number of our categories are increasing every day and we hope that you will have a lot of fun playing the games that we have to offer in it. Here we are trying to introduce to in this world, the world of the characters from this serie and you will be surprised to see that you know some of the main characters and very good as they have already played in a Disney serie and come in another serie, but with the same lives and same names. In this new seriewe have Emma , Zuri and Ravi who are leaving from New York and going to a summer camp in Maine the camp called Kikiwaka. This camp was founded by guy with a strage Jedediah Swearengen . The name Kikiwaka comes from the legendary creature that lives in the nearby forest. This legend scares each year a lot of kids that decide to visit the camp and spend their entire summer there . Actually this camp is the place where their parents have met when they were teenagers . The Ross siblings have new friends and along with them, they are trying their best to adapt to this new life that they will live at the camp. The kids learn to survive learn how to survive in the forest how to make a rope and have a great time with their heads conseular Lou and Xender. Not long after she got to the camp ,Zuri manages to make new friends too young campers: a girl named Tiffany and a boy named Jorge. The owner of this camp is Gladys a woman that seems even scarier than the creature in the legend. Gladys does not like the Ross kids , so she along with her niece Hazel, try to get them out because of the rivality that she has with their mom. In the serie, the kids have a great adventure together and always having fun ,sometimes they even get in trouble and get out of trouble but the time spent together in this Camp maked their sibling bond even more stronger . Are you curious to play the games that this category has to offer? Then come and join us because here we will offer you as many new and fun games as possible with the Disney characters from the newest serie Bunk’D. Have fun!!!