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What are Caillou Games online?

Caillou games are the fastest way for little kids to learn new things by playing amazing games like Building with Caillou, Caillou Cook or Spelling Caillou, in which all boys and girls can try out our cooking recipies, build houses, tents or high office buildings and learn how to read from a fragile age.

There are a lot of fun and interesting games ready for you here on our website, and you can see that starting from today, you can find all of our Caillou games category challenges that you can play for free and have a great time. Caillou is a very interesting series for kids, in which you can meet new kids' characters which will teach you a lot. It’s very important for kids all ages to learn how to read, how to write or how to color, and we are sure that you will have a great time coloring pictures, figuring math and spelling words with all the Caillou characters.

Caillou will start with you

Our website is the perfect place where dear friends you can see and meet with Caillou, one of our latest characters, which you can see that is ready with a lot of new games for boys and girls of all ages. A very special set of games with Caillou is ready to appear here on our website, and you can see that Caillou is going to start having a lot of friends among you, and that you will manage to have a great time learning a lot of new things.

The main story of the Caillou games category is running around a boy named Caillou, he lives in a cute house that is all colored in blue. Caillou lives with his mother, his father and his baby sister called Rosie. The entire series of the Caillou story will be with the main characters, and you can see how much fun you can have with all your friends, because Caillou has prepared for you a lot of exciting adventures in Caillou’s imagination, or on different parts of the world where new science is being done. Inside the Caillou story, you dear kids can see how much fun you can have playing with all the kids.

There are more than three seasons of the Caillou story, and you can see that once you start watching the entire episodes, that Caillou and Rosie are very good friends not just siblings, so you will see that inside the puppet shows that they will host, the animation challenges in which they try to make paper look as real monsters, dragons or other magic creatures and even trying to create short video movies for kids to teach them how to react in real life situations, like when you are lost, how to try to get back on track and find your way back to your family.

Caillou and Rosie love their adventures together, and you can see how much fun you can have playing with these new 2 characters, because they are going to bring a lot of puzzles, quiz games, coloring books, math questions and even hidden letters or hidden objects challenges that you can solve with Caillou if you are careful and concentrated.

Almost each and every one of the stories inside the Caillou category are going to star an older character, like his mother, his father or his grandmother, which starts amazing stories and see how much fun you can have and learning a lot of new things. Not playing with matches, creating sawing items and even creating and building objects, little buildings and learning a lot of new things, so you have to be sure that you can finish all the tests that Caillou is going to prepare for you right here on our website, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing all the quests and gain a lot of points.

All the Caillou mischiefs

There are a lot of new adventures for kids are going to wait for you right here on, and you dear friends can see that Caillou is gonna bring a lot of new friends that you can play with, because in each adventure, Rosie and Caillou will have a friend or another family member that would like to meet with you and make you teach them or they will teach you new things.

Caillou is the main character and he is also called the Prince of Imagination. He has just four years old, and you can see that he is one of the biggest dreamers. Caillou is a very free spirited kid, because dear friends you will see that most of the episodes will be in one of Caillou’s dreams or daydreams, so you have to make sure that you will be able to help Caillou and see how much fun you can have with all the kids from Caillou’s adventures. One of the Caillou’s favorite things are his dinosaur stuffed animals Rexy and his teddy bear Teddy. Gilbert is Caillou’s pet cat and he present in many of the challenges.

Caillou’s mother and father are very present in this new challenge, and you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to learn a lot of things from all of their stories. The mother is always receiving Caillou’s help in the kitchen, and you will see that that means that there will be a lot of fun cooking and cake decoration games in which children all ages learn how to use the stove or the microwave.

Rosie as we mention before is Caillou’s baby sister, and she is one of the cutest characters in this new story that we are sharing, and you dear kids can see that even though she is just a toddler, she loves his brother very much and is very interesting in everything he does. Rosie is always present in Caillou’s adventures, and you can see that Caillou is taking very good care of Rosie all the time, so you will find a lot of interesting baby games, baby washing games and even baby feeding games in which you can learn a lot of new things about how to raise a baby if you have brothers and sisters in your family.

Even though he is just a baby, Caillou has a lot of friends in his neighborhood, and a few of them are going to come on our website and bring amazing sports games, action challenges, kindergarten coloring games and even match games in which they will try to become smart after each game. Mr Hinkle is one of the Caillou’s adult friends, and he is also named Paul. Leo is the bully of the story, and even though they he was evil at the beginning he and Caillou started to become friends once they see how many things they have in common.

Clementine is one of Caillou’s best friends, because she was his first friend because their parents get along with each other, and you dear friends can see how much fun you will have a great time with Clementine is gonna bring for you many puzzle challenges, memory games and ability games in which she and Caillou will have a great time gaining points together. Sarah is a Chinese girl who teaches Caillou a lot of interesting facts about the Chinese history and legends.

Caillou’s most wanted !

Once you start playing with Caillou and all of his friends, you will start learning new things like painting, coloring, drawing, math, reading or writing, but you can also see how much fun you and all the kids from this new category will have playing the following games:

One of our learning games with Caillou is the “Spelling with Caillou” game, in which you and the characters of the challenge will have to start taking word by word and say each letter from the beginning to the end.

“Caillou Follow the Stars” game is one of the most interesting, because it teaches you how to have a steady hand and which are the most important stars in the galaxy.

The “Building With Caillou” game from our website will get you started as architects in the real world, and you will manage to learn how different objects combined can make a real home.

Once you start playing the Caillou games, you will find the Caillou Gardening Fun challenge published for all the boys and girls around the world that love the nature, and which want to preserve it the best way possible, so you can see that in this new challenge, you will be able to help Caillou plant and take the best care of all of his plants in the garden.

Which is Caillou’s favorite thing to do?

Caillou loves to learn new things and be an active little boy.

Why does Caillou keen on learning a new thing every day?

Caillou loves to learn new stuff because it makes him smarter and ready for new adventures.

What’s Caillou’s favorite color?

Caillou loves yellow, because it’s a sign of a bright day.

How old is Caillou ?

Caillou is just four years old.

Which is Caillou favorite game?

By far the Building with Caillou is his favorite game here on our website.

What’s Caillou’s nickname?

His nickname is the Prince of Imagination.

Who is Caillou’s best friend?

Rosie, his sister might be Caillou’s best friend in the world.

Who are the main characters in the Caillou story?

Caillou is always surrounded by his family, Leo, Clementine, Sarah and Andre.

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