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This new category that we have for you is a very fun one in which the main characters are your friends from the serie known as Care Bears.

What are the best Care Bears Games in 2020?

  1. Cheer Bear Sweet Ride (played: 4494 times)
  2. Three for All (played: 4302 times)
  3. Oopsy Bubble Bumpers (played: 3994 times)
  4. Click and Color (played: 3695 times)
  5. Follow Funshine (played: 3205 times)
  6. Summer Daze Maze (played: 2961 times)
  7. Hanging with Funshine (played: 2602 times)
  8. Care Bears Hidden Stars (played: 2578 times)
  9. Wingnut Metal Mix Up (played: 2509 times)
  10. Music Magic (played: 2465 times)

What are the best mobile Care Bears Games?

  1. Hanging with Funshine (played: 2602 times)

New, is ready to bring you another category of games and we invite you to join us and play all the games that it has to offer especially for you. In the past few days our family of categories has increased a lot and we are very happy to have you by our side, offering some of the best games in them, new games in which you can have a lot of fun. All the categories that we have are dedicated to both characters and types of games and we are sure that you love them. With your help, our administrative team is always happy to offer you this new categories as we know that you love to play the games that are offered, with different characters and of different types. This new category that we have for you is a very fun one in which the main characters are your friends from the serie known as Care Bears. The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-Lot, which constitutes a part of the Kingdom of Caring, a very lovely kingdom where we are sure thatyou would like to live too. With the help of the Cousins and their Buddies, they go all around the world on Missions and enjoy their friendship and to help others . We would like to introduce you to some of this bears, but not all of them as we would like to leave some for you to know while playing the games that we have to offer. One of the bears is Tenderheart , leader of his fuzzy brethren, organizing their efforts to help spread love and care around the world, and keep their own home of Care-a-Lot in working shape, also taking care of the new Care Bears. Another one of the bears is Champ Bear, a real sports star and a very good friend. He is great at every sport, but he is even better at sharing the prizes of sports- fun, fitness, friendship and learning to be your best, which makes him one of your best friends among the Care Bears. Cheer Bear A is another one of the ten originaly Care Bear, a very happy and perky bear, who has as goal to help everyone be joyous as she is . Known to break into cheers and chants at the drop of a hat, Cheer Bear is sad when she cannot make happy other friends. Funshine bear is the last that we will instroduce you too, a bear who always looks on the sunny side of life. She is happy and always ready to help other who need help. The other bears, you will know them while you will play the games that are offered here in this new category. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun playing this new games that the category with Care Bears has to offer, so join us and spend the time with your friends, here on!