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ell here we have for you a new category in which we want to offer you games from the indian animated serie, Chota Bheem.

What are the best Chhota Bheem Games in 2020?

  1. Chota Bheem Chutkis Cooking Class (played: 11705 times)
  2. Chota Bheem Forbidden Temple (played: 4512 times)
  3. Chota Bheem in Sports Car (played: 4034 times)
  4. Chota Bheem Hammer Throw (played: 3947 times)
  5. Chota Bheem Skandenberg (played: 3862 times)
  6. Chota Bheem Power Strike (played: 3693 times)
  7. Chota Bheem Santas Secret Run (played: 3512 times)
  8. Chota Bheem Penalty Shootout (played: 3468 times)
  9. Chota Bheem Monkey Ambush (played: 3433 times)
  10. Chota Bheem Archery (played: 3200 times)

What are the best mobile Chhota Bheem Games?

  1. Chota Bheem Laddoo Mania (played: 2741 times)
  2. Chota Bheem Saviour of Dholakpur (played: 2533 times)
  3. Chota Bheem World Racing Championship (played: 2205 times)

We are here and ready to impress you with the next new category that we have in mind for you our administrative team has decided that now is the best time to start offering you another new and amazing online category, one of those that you are waiting for. We know that we have promised more and more categories every day and look at us while we do the exact thing. Today we have for you prepared a number of other new categories to offer to you and we can’t wait to see you play all of them and having fun. Tell us how much do you know about India? Well here we have for you a new category in which we want to offer you games from the indian animated serie, Chota Bheem. This animated serie runs on nickelodeon and got really famous running on tv programs around the world and we have heard that kids love them. All this information made us think what if this will be our next category? And here we are ready to put at your disposal all the existing online games that we have with Chota Bheem and his friends. We know that many of you may not know them and here we are to offer you a few details about the characters and their story, so that you may have a more pleasant experience playing the games that we have for you. The action of this animated indian serie centers around a super strong boy named Chota Bheem and his friends who live in the town of Dholakpur. All the action from this serie involve Bheem and his friends who are doing their best to protect the king of Dholankpur, king Indravarma, from all the evil forces that try to get to him and to steal his thrown . There were also cases in which they have helped other kings and meaning other kingdoms. Chota Bheem is a very brave boy with incredible strenght and intelligence. Being so powerfull and intelligent she does not have only friends and onse who love him, he has also a enemy and that is Kalia Pahalwan, a 10 years old boy who is jealous of Bheem. Kalia and his friends Dholu and Bholu are always trying to embaressed Bheem and defeat him, but they never succed and Bhem is always smart enough to go over their plans. Bheem saves his city many times and he is therefor a hero for all the citizens. The best friends of Bheem are Chutki, Raju and Jaggu. As any other kid, Bheem loves to eat sweet and he also loved laddoos. If Bheem eats a laddoo he gets even more powerfull and intelligent that he is , laddoo that are often offered by Chutki. In this new and fun category of games that we have for you next we would really like you to join us and play all the existing games our administrative team has to offer especially for you, our dearest friends. Have fun playing all the games with Chota Bheem, here on!