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In this Counter Strike category or CS you will learn about the battles which takes place between the terrorists and counter-terrorists.

Welcome dear friends to where we hope that you will find more fun everyday and where you can enjoy yourself with the most amazing online categories of games .As usual our team wants to bring to you the best from the best and with that a new special online category, a category where you will much more than surprised.This new category which we wanted to bring to you dear followers not only will amaze you , it will put you in the position of making important decisions and to make up different plans or strategies to finish your missions. This new category is about the most played strategy army game : Counter Strike. As you read in this description we wanted to bring to you your favourite game where not only you will develop new skills and put up rescue plans, or battle plans , you will also get able to be witnesses at the most dangerous missions ever. Counter strike is a game invented in the early 2000, when our dearest friends from Windows released the first version of this adventurous game. In this Counter Strike category or CS you will learn about the battles which takes place between the terrorists and counter-terrorists. In order to succeed in their missions the counter-terrorists will need your help to defeat the terrorists, so in this new online category you will find in every game the possibility to choose your weapons against your enemy. Every playground of this tremendous game is different, which means you will have the possibility to learns in every mission new skills and to develop faster battle plans and to surprise the terrorists and defeat them. As you all know already , here you will face a lot of battles, each battleground has it s own theme, which means that you will get to use all of your imagination and skills in order to finish your campaigns. In order to participate into a battle you will need to choose the best army players and to build your own team , which can be up to 4 or 5 players. In order to participate to a battle or to create one you will need to wait until each side has the right number of players, and after that the real fun begins. The best thing in this online category is that you can play the battles online with your friends from all over the world. We hope that our team got to surprise you, and that you will take a look on this interesting online category and explore the other ones that we are happy to offer them to you. So join us in this new online category on and enjoy the time and the fun with the Counter Strike players from all over the world!

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