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The entire new story of Cyberchase is going to take you on a new adventure in space, where you can see how robots are build, which are the fastest airships for races, which are the biggest planets and how many other amazing educational challenges are going to be ready to be tried even in 2 players.

The best games are appearing already here on our website, but that doesn't mean that we are not bringing new challenges, new categories and new stories so that you can meet with new characters, new cartoons and new fun cartoon styles in which you can see inside the new Cyberchase games category which we are going to start posting right away.

Inside this new Cyberchase story, you will see which are the new main characters, which is the story and see how as fast as possible, you can defeat the challenges, because there are going to be amazing games with kids, racing games, funny educational games and a lot of special memory challenges and different other types of styles and adventures in which three kids, little animals and amazing games that you can find only inside the new 2021 Cyberchase category.

How it begun

For you to understand this new story and have even more fun playing our games, you dear kids have to understand that this new cartoon is made in Canada, and it's an amazing educational television series, which is launched on PBS Kids TV network, and it's going to be seen even on their Youtube channel, and you can see that there are going to be full episodes, full games tutorials and amazing hints for you to try to finish the amazing challenges that you and all of the Cyberchase characters will play together on your: computers, laptops, mobile phones and even tablets, which will be amazing and you can see which are going to be your favorite games from the Cyberchase games category.

The entire story of this cartoon is going to rely on the life of three children which are from this planet and their name are Jackie, Matt and Inez, and they will be the main characters, and you are going to see that they will appear in each and every one of the episodes, and you can help them learn to read, learn to speak, learn to talk in other languages, how to build different types of objects, robots, cars, helicopters or airplanes. This is just the beginning of the story, and the characters will continue their journey, and you will be by their side once episodes go by.

The second part of the story is going to bring you amazing challenges because dear kids you will see that the main characters are going to be brought into Cyberspace, which you are going to see that it's going to be a digital universe that needs your help to continue to protect both worlds from a villain, which is going to be called Hacker. The kids managed to protect Cyberspace through different challenges and adventure games which are right here inside this new category.

Throughout their adventure in Cyberspace, Jackie, Inez and Matt have made a lot of new friends, one of them is Digit, which is going to become one of their best friends. Digit is going to be a space bird, which is going to be by the children's side in all the new adventures, all the new challenges and all the new races that the kids are going to have through space with spaceships, robots, cosmic airplanes and fun helicopters that you can see right here on our website because they are going to appear in each and every one of the Cyberspace games that we are going to start to post starting from today.

Deeper into space

As we already told you kids, the story relies on the adventure in space of three friends from Earth. The new planet that they landed is called Cyberspace, from which this new cartoon got it's name. The entire story is happening in space, and you will see that the main characters, the three children are going to even move from different planets to other, not only Cyberspace. They will have to be very smart because this is going to be an educational cartoon, in which you will learn a lot about space, galaxies and planets.

You will see that there are going to be different levels in which you have to think very logically in order to pass different difficulties, have a very good memory in order to remember answers for different types of questions that are going to come on the way, because there will be different quiz games, math problems that you have to solve and even English questions, with hidden letters, spelling games and other types of challenges that might help you get ready for kindergarten.

Through the story, you will learn that Hacker, the villain of the story managed to get access to the Motherboard which is the main control switch of Cyberspace. Hacker inserted a virus in the Motherboard, and that means that she is going to feel weak and more and more, which makes Cyberspace vulnerable to Hacker's attacks, and that will give you a new opportunity to help the three kids and Digit to defeat the challenges and start to have the highest scores in each game that you start.

Cyberspace is going to be a multitude of planets, and each planet is going to look different, and each planet is going to have a different theme like Egypt, America, Greece and even funny planets that all look like full on amusement parks, and you will see how much fun you will manage to have, because each planet is not only going to look different but have many different challenges which will be unique for each planet.

Who is the main character of the Cyberchase story?

The main characters of the story are Jackie, Matt and Inez.

What happened to Cyberchase?

The story started in 2002, but it had a few pauses in the streaming of episodes.

What age is cyberchase for?

The Cyberchase story can be watched at all ages starting with the age of 5.

Does Netflix have Cyberchase?

Yes, Cyberchase was on Netflix.

Does Hulu have Cyberchase?

Yes, Cyberchase was on Hulu.

How many episodes of Cyberchase are there?

Cyberchase has until now, more than 160 episodes aired.

Is Cyberchase cancelled?

No, the story has been renewed for 2 new seasons.

Who is the villain in Cyberchase?

The villain of the story is Hacker.