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Have you ever wondered how is it to live in a cave? Visit Dawn of the Croods and see how humans fight dinosaurs, how you have to go hunting for food, and how historical cooking lessons take place by the fire. Search for the new Croods adventures and win each challenge.

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Welcome boys and girls, to this amazing category of "Dawn of the Croods". Here you will be able to find all the games that are based on this series. You will meet the characters of this series and have some great playtimes on these boring days. This category was made for you, so that it would be easier for you to find your favorite games at one place, so you won’t have to spend your precious time on looking for them, as you will find all of them here. If you have seen this series, you must know a few things about it and you are ready to head into the games. But if you are new, you may want to find out some interesting stuff about this series, the characters and what games could you find. Well, if you are interested, follow along and find out more information.

"Dawn of the Croods" is an awesome animated TV series that's all about the Croods, those cool cave-dwelling characters we fell in love with from the movie! The show takes us back in time before all the big adventures in the film. It's like a cool prequel! This series is made by DreamWorks Animation, the same folks who brought us movies like "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Shrek." Imagine watching all the fun stuff that happened before the Croods became the famous family we know! The show kicks off on Netflix, making its debut on December 24, 2015. That's right, it was a great holiday treat! Then, more excitement followed with the second season starting on August 26, 2016. The adventures just kept on coming with the third season on April 7, 2017, and the fourth and final season on July 7, 2017.

In the first two seasons, the voice director was Sam Riegel, but for the last two, Brendan Hay took over the role. These awesome folks helped make sure all the Croods sounded just right! Guess what? It's not just on Netflix; in Canada, you can catch it on Family Channel and Family Chrgd too. Now, about the plot, it's packed with adventures! Eep and the rest of the Crood family team up with new pals and face off against some wild, never-seen-before creatures. It's all about the thrills, laughs, and fun before the movie's big story even begins! So, get ready to discover all the cool things the Croods did before their epic big-screen journey!

Get to know the characters

In "Dawn of the Croods," the characters bring the prehistoric world to life with their unique personalities and adventures. Here's a look at the main characters: Eep is the spirited and adventurous daughter of the Crood family. Eep is always ready for excitement and new discoveries. Her curiosity often leads her into thrilling escapades, and she's known for her energetic and daring nature. Grug is Eep's father, he is a protective and traditional caveman who loves his family deeply. He's a bit old-fashioned and cautious, often wanting to keep his family safe from anything he perceives as a threat. Ugga is Grug's wife and Eep's mother, she is the calm and nurturing force in the family. She balances Grug's cautiousness with her open-mindedness and care for her family's well-being.

Thunk is Eep's brother and he is a lovable, fun, and sometimes clueless character. He's always excited about new discoveries and has an innocent and sweet personality that brings humor to the family. Sandy is the youngest member of the Croods. Sandy is a fierce and fearless baby with a penchant for adventure. Despite her young age, she's always ready to join in the family's escapades. Gran is the wise and adventurous grandmother of the Croods. She's full of wisdom, has a knack for getting into mischief, and often encourages the family to embrace new experiences. Guy is a resourceful and inventive young man who becomes an important friend to the Croods. Guy often introduces the family to new ideas and tools, bridging the gap between their traditional ways and the changing world. These characters, with their diverse traits and dynamics, create an entertaining and heartwarming series filled with laughter, adventure, and lessons about family and friendship in the prehistoric era.

Having fun with the Croods

Games based on "Dawn of the Croods" typically focus on adventure, puzzle-solving, and exploration within the prehistoric world. Players could embark on quests similar to those undertaken by the Croods family. They explore the primitive world, solve puzzles, gather resources, and overcome challenges while encountering new creatures. A side-scrolling platformer game could let players control characters like Eep or Thunk, navigating through various levels filled with obstacles and enemies while collecting items or helping their family. Puzzle-based games could challenge players to solve problems or overcome obstacles using logic, creativity, and problem-solving skills, mirroring the Croods' experiences in the series.

Games could simulate the family's life, challenging players to manage resources, build shelters, and protect the Croods from natural disasters or dangerous creatures. Mini-games might feature short challenges or tasks that mirror specific moments from the series, such as guiding Sandy through an adventurous chase or assisting Thunk in inventing something. Games that allow players to build their prehistoric world, construct villages or caves, and interact with the environment while encountering familiar characters from the series. Some games might be designed to educate players about prehistoric life, including information about creatures, environments, and survival tactics used during that era. These game concepts can immerse players in the exciting and adventurous world of "Dawn of the Croods," offering different gaming experiences inspired by the animated series.

What is 'Dawn of the Croods'?

'Dawn of the Croods' is an animated series that follows the adventures of the Croods family.

What genre is 'Dawn of the Croods'?

'Dawn of the Croods' falls under the adventure, animated and comedy genres.

Who are the main characters in the show?

The main characters of the show are Eep, Grug, Ugga, Thunk, Gran, Sandy, and Guy.

How many seasons does 'Dawn of the Croods' have?

There are four seasons packed with hilarious and adventurous episodes.

What are the key themes in 'Dawn of the Croods'?

Themes in the series include family bonds, adventure, friendship, resilience, and embracing change.