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What are Deadpool Games?

Deadpool is a Marvel superhero which is ready with action challenges, superhero adventures and villains that you have to fight against to save the world.

Some of the most exciting new challenges are waiting for you inside the new Deadpool games category, and we are sure that you will have a great time, because Deadpool is the latest Marvel superhero movie that appeared solo in the movie theaters, and starting from today, you are going to have the chance to play exciting free online games with this new character! Deadpool is like we said before a Marvel superhero, and you will see that after it's debut in the cinemas, the superhero figure became more and more popular amoung young children, because it was one of the first funny movies with a superhero that didn't really think of himself as a true superhero.

Deadpool is considered an antihero, and the character had an original comic book created by Marvel Comics, and in 2016 there was a new movie created based on it which was very popular. The main character of the story is going to be the superhero Deadpool which will give the name of the movie. Deadpool had the first movie as a great success, so you will know that in 2018, there was a second movie, called Deadpool 2, which had the same title and will have the same superhero, and we are sure that you will love that as well.

You will soon learn that Deadpool is easily to spot in any crowd, because he is the one who is always making fun of the other people around him. A different aspect of this antihero is going to be his looks. Unlike any other heroes from Marvel that you might know, like the X-Men, Thor or all the other Avengers, Deadpool is going to be one of the few characters from your favorite comic books that will have a full on suite, and which will keep his face hidden. He doens't do that because of his privacy and so that he cannot be recognized, but because he suffered an accident, and that's the way he gained his superpowers.

We are sure that you are very curious about how Deadpool's superpowers, but that's going to be revealed soon. We are sure that you are going to love the Deadpool movies, because based on the movie and the comic books, and the games are going to be filled of adventure, action games, challenges for boys and different other types of superhero missions which you can play for free even on your mobile phones and tablets for free.

Get to be Deadpool

This main superhero of the story was not born as a superhero like most of the heroes that Marvel created. Deadpool was a normal man, called Wade Wilson, which was a former special forces operative, and he started to work as a mercenary, but he managed to meet his love of his life, a girl named Vanessa. The two love each other, and they will even be one step to getting married, but Wade was diagnosed with cancer, which made him very depressed, and left Vanessa without any explanation and noticed, because he didn't want to make her watch him die of cancer.

Even though he was sick and sad, there's a point of when a mysterious recruiter approaches him and offers a special medication, which is experimental but which is expected to cure his cancer. He accepts, and got injected with the serum, which is going to alter his DNA, and activate different types of mutant genes, and that will create Deadpool. The serum did not worked alone, and Wade was tortured through several days so that the doctors can activate the serum inside his body based on the levels of stress or fear, and they managed to activate the serum while he was trapped in a hypobaric chamber, in which he felt asphyxiation throughout an entire weekend, and then is when the serum finally activates, and so Wade or Deadpool got his superpowers for the first time.

It's time. You will first know which is Deadpool's superpower, and that is the ability to superheal from mostly any injury, which will help him cure his cancer, but something unexpected happened. The serum also triggered a different mutation in Wade's body, and after it was activated, he remained disfigured with burn-like scars on his entire body. Wade is ashamed about the way he looks now, and so he is never going to meet up with Vanessa again, due to that fact.

The adventure of Deadpool starts right after he manages to get rid of his illness, and get a new start at life. Because he cannot die from now on elegidly, Wade started to fight crime under the mask and costume of Deadpool, and you will see that most of the games we are going to post with Deadpool, that he is going to fight crime, fight villains and trying to keep the city safe, while dressed as a superhero.

Superhero mission

Like any other respected superhero, Deadpool is having an awesome customer to show you guys. He is going to be fully dressed, in a leather black suite with red details. He is going to have a mask, that is also going to be made of leather, and his eyes will be white, but also have red details on the entire mask. We are sure that you will be able to spot Deadpool from a crowd starting from today, because dear kids you will see that he can become one of your best friends if you start to watch the movies and after you start and play all the Deadpool games for children that you can see only here on our website.

Starting from today, you will see that Deadpool is going to continue bringing for you guys amazing challenges which you can try out even on your mobile phones and tablets for free. Deadpool is a category filled with adventure games, in which you and your favorite superhero will go on different missions to save children, women and families that are in danger from criminals and villain attacks all over the city. Deadpool is not going to have plenty of weapons, and you will see that he will only have his nunchucks by his leg and that's the only thing besides his superpowers that he is ever going to use during his fights against villains.

There will be plenty of challenges ready for you guys in the Deadpool games category, and we are sure that you will manage to find at least one game that you will love. There will be motorcycle races available for you to try here on our website, in which you and Deadpool will have a special Marvel motorcycle that you can ride. Other games are you asking? Yes, there are plenty of other games ready for you to try even on your mobile phones and tablets, and the computers or laptops that you might have. Ability games with Deadpool are very popular, and you dear kids will see how there will be special memory games, hidden objects games, avoider challenges and even hidden numbers games for children that you can play with all of your friends, and of course, with Deadpool. Have fun!

Who is Deadpool?

Wade Wilson is the human that turned into Deadpool.

How does Wade become Deadpool?

He took an experimental injection and triggered different DNA mutations.

Is Deadpool good or bad?

Some say he is bad, because he seeks revenge, but he is ultimately fighting bad guys.

Does Deadpool have a costume?

Yes, he is fully covered by his black costume made out of leather.

Is Deadpool alone?

Yes, he is fighting alone.

Is Deadpool in love?

Yes, he is still madly in love with Vanessa.

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