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The Disney movie, Descendants is popular, and Mal, Rocco, Jay and Evie are ready with makeovers, adventures and puzzles so that you guys can play together.

Are you ready to have some fun?! New games a new category is ready for you to try! The Descendants games category is ready for you to play with all of your friends, and you dear kids can see that this is a new story based on several cartoons, fairytales and stories that you might already know! The Descendants movie is the latest musical fantasy movie that appeared in 2015, and it's full of humor and funny moments between the characters, which you will see that are going to be real. The movie is not created on computers, so it will look very real, have real actors and will try to take the people that play inside the movie in a fantastic and magical world that you have never seen before.

The movie appeared in 2015, and was created for a teenage public. The story is based on a children of well known Disney characters from different stories as the main characters! You will see that Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella de Vil will all appear with their children inside the Descendants movie from Disney, and these teenagers are trying to adjust to a new life, being outside the island prison, and they will have a big mission to accomplish that we are going to get into further in this new Descendants category description.

These new games from the Descendants games category are going to be very exciting! The category is filled with magic, special powers, controlling elements and a lot of very well known Disney characters. You will see that the new Descendants games are going to be based on the HTML5 technology, so the challenges that you find inside the category are going to be free, and they even can be played on the tablets from your home, or your mobile phones! All you need is a rather good internet connection, and so the Disney adventure can start with your favorite characters.

The film appeared on Disney Channel, and it was one of the first original movies created by Disney. Because it was a first movie very popular, and the kids all around the world loved the plot, the story and even more the characters, there was 3 original Disney Descendants movies created! The first movie apppeard on 31 july 2015, the Descendants 2 movie appeared on July 21 - 2017, and the last, the Descendants 3 movie appeared in 2019 on August 2nd. Each of the movies are based on the original story of the first movie, which was that the teenage children of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella de Vil are trying to save their parents from eternal captivity on prison island, so they start in a rough and dangerous adventure to save their parents and find any clue and detail that can help them destroy the magical locks.

How to be Descendant

The entire story is going to rely on teenage children that are trying to save their parents. That's clear and easy to understand, but there's a first plot-twist! These teenagers are going to live in a very special world! This is a Disney movie, so you dear kids will meet with a lot of Disney characters that you already know and love, and you will see how Belle and the Beast from the Beauty and the Beast story got married, so they are not king and queen of the magical realm! They want to have a beautiful and peaceful kingdom, and so, they banished all the villains that they know in the Isle of the Lost, where they are like in a prison, which is going to be surrounded by a magical barrier that will keep them on the prison island no matter what magic they are going to try to use to destroy the barriers. Belle and the Beast had a son, and he is called Ben, which is about to be crowned as king over the magical kingdom, and one of the first thing that he wants to do as king, is to take four children out of the prison island, and give them a change in his magical kingdom.

The chosen children of the first series were Carlos, who is going to be Cruella de Vil's son, Jay son of Jafar, Evie who is the daughter of Evil Queen and last one was Mal, daughter of Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty story, and after that, the Maleficent movie which was created by Disney as well. Ben thinks that if their parents are evil, the children are not necessarily the same, so this is the reason why the kids are given a chance, but it's fast seen that Maleficent has already a plan for the kids to steal one of the queen's magic wand, which will have enough power to break the barrier on the island, and so the evil or the villains to take over Auradon.

The four kids are going to study at the school of magic in Auradon, where Ben and his girlfriend, the daughter of Princess Aurora are going to study as well. They meet with the headmistress, the fairy godmother, who also holds the magic wand in a museum on the school's grounds. Evi is going to use magic to locate the mirror, and so the adventure is going to start for the four kids to locate the wound precisely, and find a way to get it without getting caught. The four ended up to become normal pupils at the school, and attended class like any other student. Mal became very popular among the other students, Jay is recruited to become an athlete, Carlos is learning to overcome his fear of dogs, and Evie is one of the smartest girls in school.

Ben is about to get coronated as king, and the kids know that the magic wand is going to be used by the Fairy Godmother at that moment, so they want to have a perfect plan to steal the wand. Mal is giving a love potion to Ben, and so he started to love her and the two of them start to date. During the time she was dating Ben, Mal started to question her role as a villain and her obligation to help her mother. Did they manage to find the wand? Did they manage to help their parents? Everything will be revealed in the Descendants games that we are going to start to prepare for you right inside this new category.

Help the Descendants

You will see that right here on our website, we are trying to bring for you some of the most exciting Descendants games for children, both boys and girls! The Disney characters are appearing in more than 70 games here on our website, and you will see that these games are different from each other. There will be plenty of girly challenges for you to try, in which Mal and Freddie or Ellie are the main characters, and even Barbie or other Disney princesses will be side characters or just friends in the game. You will have to be very creative, because dear kids you can see how much fun you can have play with the Descendants characters, because there are dress-up games, cooking games, manicure games, makeover challenges and even prom nights, in which the girls from this Disney movie will need a lot of help from you girls.

The girly challenges are easy to play! All age girls are awaited to try at least one of the Descendants makeover or the dress-up challenges, because using the MOUSE, you will be able to go through different fashion outfits. Mal and all the other girls will want to look like real fashionistas during each and every one of the games, so you have to make sure that you can prepare the best and the cutest outfits for them to try out. The cooking games will also be very exciting, because you are going to cook real bugers throughout the game and see how much fun you can have preparing the meat to be grilled, slicing the onions and the tomatoes, and starting to prepare the burger so that it's one of the best in the world.

We are sure that you will have a great time playing the free online Descendants games, but you dear kids will have to make sure that you stay focused, because there will be different Disney Channel challenges that you can play even on your mobile phones and tablets! You will see that there are plenty of Descendants coloring games, free puzzles that you can solve as fast as possible, and even differences games, in which you can go through unique pictures from the movie. There are going to be adventure games and educational challenges, in which you have to sort through words to complete sentences and solve different math problems which you can see only here on our website. Have fun!

Where can we watch the Descendants?

This is a Disney movie, aired on Disney Channel.

Who are the main characters of this story?

The main characters are Mal, Evie, Jay and Rocco.

Are the main characters villains?

They are children of villains, that might turn and be good.

Who is Mal's parents?

Mal is Maleficent's daugther.

Who is the most popular character of the movie?

Mal is the most popular in the movie and at the magic school.

What's the Descendants mission?

They want to free their parents from the magical prison island.