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Disney Once games is a sports games category based on Gabriel Moretti's life in Argentina. Gabriel Moretti is the star of the Once story, and he wants to become the best soccer player and win the World Cup with the national team.

All the Disney games are appearing here on games-kids.com, where you can find awesome games categories that can be played online for free. Today, you can see that we have for you a new interesting and fun Disney games category in which you have the chance to meet with eleven boys that are your age. This games category is called Once but it can be find by searching for O11nce or just Disney Eleven games. Our games category will be called Once games, in which dear friends you can see that new characters are waiting for you to find their games and play together. The Once story is made by Disney, and it’s live on Disney Channel since this summer. You dear friends can see that the Once characters are mainly all boys. The Once Games category is made around 11 boys from Argentina, a place where soccer is loved and cherrished by everybody, and you can see that the characters in this new Once Disney games category will love soccer more than most, and that they want to become the best soccer players in the world. One by one, the Once characters have a huge talent, but today dear friends you can see that they have started a team at their high school. You dear friends have to make sure that you can help all the Once characters to fulfil their dream of becoming the best soccer player and even win a World Cup. The star of the Disney Once story is Gabriel Moretti, who dear friends will be the main character, the captain of the Once High School soccer team, and the best student in school. The once characters are not friends at the beginning of the story, because they don’t know each other and they all believe that they are the best soccer players in the world, but with that attitude, they cannot play as a team and cannot win many soccer matches. You dear friends can see that in each game, the Once characters will need your help to learn how to train, to work together and the most important to become a real team and win game after game with the most scored goals. We are sure that you are going to love playing with Gabriel Moretti and all of his friends in the Disney Once games category, so we are going to wait for you with fun and very interesting games with Soccer, Puzzle games, Coloring Games with Once and many other online Disney Once games that you can play with all your friends, and in which we are sure that you will make new friends. Gabriel Moretti is looking forward to play games with so, so come and find our latest Once games category here on our website. Have fun!